Celebrating a decade in business!

Seems like it was just yesterday, but it’s been ten years since we first considered the challenges that globalization would pose for multinational companies.

If you were around back then, there’s a good chance you were wresting with the biggest pain point in setting up a global networking infrastructure. We saw that coming and founded Expereo to simplify the complexities of doing business anytime, anywhere on the planet.

Since then, you’ve seen the role of Internet access in your organization evolve beyond back-up and remote-site connectivity to playing an integral part of hybrid and Internet-based VPNs. And throughout the last decade we have solved the Internet access puzzle in hundreds of countries for hundreds of customers like you.

Of course you continue to adapt to the needs of your users. Moving data from branch offices to public and virtual private clouds, using cloud-based applications and security solutions, and off-loading less critical traffic onto public IP Internet connections.

With our experience and insight into global service availability and performance, Expereo is uniquely positioned to anticipate your needs, such as performance guarantees for your Internet connection now that so much of your data resides in the cloud.

And that is our specialty. At our ten-year anniversary, we are once again leading the way with the next advance in global internet access, service-level agreements.

Just what you need, right when you need, right where you need it.