Expereo present at the ITW 2013

May 01, 2013 1 comment

During May 13-15, Expereo will be exhibiting at the International Telecoms Week 2013 in Chicago, the largest executive summit for the wholesale telecommunications community.

Are you a national network provider and are you looking for new distribution channels to boost your revenues? Or do you need Internet connectivity anywhere around the globe? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, we look forward to meeting you in person in the East Tower, Purple Level, Booth #1128.

For more information about the International Telecoms Week 2013, please visit the ITW 2013 website.

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  1. Fadhilla says:

    on the box (I know I have tested it!) but even betetr is it’s support for usb tethering which allows the more budget concious amongst us to consider consolodating our bandwidth suppliers (i.e. ISP’s etc) into one package which while it might not quite match the speed and reliability of traditional ISP’s that target home wireless and wired users does offer a flexibility that they cannot. For example I can access the internet on my smartphone but also my laptop and\or desktop computer (via wifi hotspot apps or usb tethering) at home AND anywhere else that can receive a three network 3g signal. It is this anywhere else option which makes it very attractive especially when say visiting friends and relatives and not being dependent on whether they have home available bandwidth to spare. Another good use was when shopping for a new laptop in my local well known computer retailer a laptop I was interested in was a3150 more expensive to buy in the store than it was online! All I had to do was order it online and pick it up one hour later in the store I was in the a3150 I saved more than paid for the premium coffeee I had in a nearby coffee lounge whilst waiting out the required time. I am genuinely surprised why the all in one deal isn’t much much more popular than it is but I put this down to people simply thinking the deal is too good to be true and who can blame them when most if not all rival deals are exactly that.

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