WiFi Mania

Are you struggling to provide online security and authentication whilst ensuring regulatory compliance around the globe? 

Today visitors, employees and contractors have high expectations when it comes to Wi-Fi in the office. It must be fast, accessible, and able to support any device. In one location this might be challenging, but achievable, for many service providers. However it’s a completely different story when you need the same service, the same ease of use and the same performance in every office around the world. When you find yourself faced with the need to support world-class Wi-Fi access worldwide, Expereo has the solution.

These days BYOD and Wi-Fi are common in the workplace. But supporting these technologies poses a challenge for security, authentication, regulatory compliance, analytics and performance. Especially when putting together a multi-vendor Wi-Fi solution. Global service providers are struggling to meet the customer demand for the deployment of a unified, global, managed Wi-Fi solution.

If you’re deploying and supporting a global Wi-Fi service for your organization, pay particular attention to these potential problem areas.

1. Security
For years CEOs and IT managers have identified security as their top concern for the mobile enterprise. What if a device containing confidential data is stolen or lost—putting sensitive information in the wrong hands? Your mobile device policies and infrastructure must be flexible enough to provide access to all possible devices without sacrificing security.
And then there is the risk of network hacks. Users often blindly trust and automatically join convenient free public Wi-Fi networks where data is easily compromised.

2. Authentication
There are many ways to implement authentication for wireless devices, each with its own features, policies and implications. Regardless of the method selected, every user should follow the same authentication process. Which one is right for your customer? A branded splash page or a pre-shared key? A voucher, a social login, or self-registration? We help you actually map the possibilities and consequences to identify the best method for your situation.

3. Regulatory
In the last few years, governments around the world have implemented regulations for mobile and Wi-Fi networks, not only to protect consumers and companies against poor management of sensitive information and privacy violation, but also to deal with the growing threat of online terrorist attacks.
The degree of regulatory compliance varies depending on the business model. A public Wi-Fi service is subject to more regulations than a private enterprise Wi-Fi service. In addition, legislation differs from one country to another, further complicating the red tape that must be navigated to be sure that some obscure requirement hasn’t been overlooked.

In response to what can be an overwhelming array of security, technical and legal issues facing both global service providers and multi-national enterprises, Expereo offers a unified, global solution: Managed Wi-Fi.  Bundled with Expereo’s global Internet reach, this solution allows you to overcome the technical and regulatory hurdles in Wi-Fi deployment and enables a unified global platform for BYOD and/or guest access via Wi-Fi.



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