Why WiFi?

Our WiFi solution is available in more than 180 countries. Let’s share some advice about how our service can bring you more business. Two different case studies:  


Retail: how in-store WiFi works for you and your customers

With Wi-Fi, the moment a shopper walks into the store, the point of sale expands from the register to the customer’s smartphone. As a result, the retailer can more closely and promptly engage the customer with its brand offering. However many retailers today are still missing out on this opportunity to increase customer engagement and conversion and thus sales, because they have yet to install or enhance Wi-Fi in their stores.

Wi-Fi can offer a host of opportunities for retailers to upgrade the customer’s in-store shopping experience by creating or improving personal device connectivity, which can improve sales and add to the company’s bottom line.


Office: Take the hassle out of BYOD and Guest Access

Whether a client, contractor or employee, today’s users have high expectations when it comes to WiFi in your offices. It must be fast, accessible, and able to support any device.

And you need to get this right without getting overwhelmed let alone compromising security, technical and legal considerations. At multiple locations scattered around the globe, all with their own challenges.

Managed Wi-Fi, bundled with Expereo’s global Internet reach, allows you to overcome the technical and regulatory hurdles in Wi-Fi deployment and enables a unified global platform for BYOD and/or guest access via Wi-Fi.


Expereo Managed WIFI makes things simple. A compliant high performance WIFI solution addressing all such considerations. Bundled with our Global Internet Service, we will deploy a turn-key solution, tailored to your needs. Anywhere on the planet.



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