Dual Internet for Global
Tech Firm

“We saw right away that the existing MPLS-only global network became too expensive and wouldn’t give us the flexibility and performance we needed,” the Tech Firm’s CIO said. “Instead of accessing data residing on in-house servers using legacy applications, and transporting all traffic over relative expensive MPLS connections, it was clear we needed a smarter solution to lower our costs and improve functionality and performance.”


Besides migrating its applications to private clouds and embracing public cloud applications, it also meant going to a hybrid WAN using a combination of MPLS and Internet VPN and secure local Internet breakout. The Tech Firm’s carrier deployed MPLS VPN to the largest office sites, and turned to Expereo to completed the hybrid WAN solution, with a combination of standard and bespoke solutions:

  • Internet: Dual Dedicated Internet Access with speeds typically between 10-100 Mbps using different suppliers on most of the sites and Cisco routers as network terminating units (NTU). Expereo selected only suppliers with excellent IP backbone performance meeting the company’s demanding latency requirements.
  • Equipment: Cisco 1900 and 2900 series VPN routers.
  • Professional Services: On-site cabling at sites with incomplete or missing internal wiring.
  • Bespoke: On-site support using engineers from local  integrators on sites where the connectivity supplier cannot guarantee 4 hours on-site presence on a 24×7 basis.  In addition, Expereo implemented the Cisco IP SLA feature on every NTU and provided access to Expereo’s enhanced Online Monitoring Portal for enhanced analytics regarding latency, packet loss, and uptime of the VPN tunnels to the six global data centres hosting the company’s key applications.



The carrier understood that it was more cost-effective to rely on Expereo’s relationships worldwide for last-mile services than to attempt to reinvent that particular wheel.  “With a network that covers more than 125 countries, we are a leading global MPLS provider,” the carrier’s Global Client Director said.  “But we just do not have the volume and flexibility to justify developing a competitive Internet access solution in every market we serve.”
“Why we partner with Expereo?  Well, that is quite simple,” he also said. “They are the pioneers who defined this global Internet aggregation model back in 2004.  There is not a single company out there that can even come close to the capabilities they developed and the performance they offer today.”


Other Cases

iVPN for global retailer

This international fashion retailer needed a homogeneous Internet VPN solution with secure Internet access to service their shops worldwide.  Rather than locally order and manage the VPN and the local connectivity services at every location, they chose to contract with a global carrier (Expereo’s customer) to provide and manage the network.

However, the carrier had regulatory constraints in certain markets and wanted to outsource the design, implementation and operational management of the end-to-end solution. That’s why the carrier turned to Expereo.


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A global company’s need for speed

“We pride ourselves on being one of the early adopters of a hybrid network design, with MPLS as primary and internet as backup. We followed the common design most global enterprises use, running everything through the firewalls at our core data center hubs,” noted the Director of Global Network. “However, pulling the internet traffic back to our core hubs, sometimes cross-country or continent, added latency and decreased productivity. Plus, managing accounts and support for 50+ providers globally inflated operational expenses.”

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Cloud Service Provider Expands Reach with Expereo

Fast-Growing Global Cloud Service Provider Expands Reach with Expereo

“As a cloud service provider, global reach and good network partners are critical to the experience of our customers and their business. Managing multiple network providers, including billing, support, and currencies, plus planning for future sites, began to take a toll on our internal IT team. It got worse when we required diverse or redundant links,” said the Global Director Data Center Design.

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