3 ways to maximize your network uptime

There are a few simple things you can do to expedite the resolution of issues that affect your customer. Or intervene before it ever becomes an issue. Three easy ways Expereo helps you to fast-track a resolution.


safety hat1. Check the Local Site First 
The cause of almost a quarter of all outages (23%) can be traced to the local site. It could be something as simple as a broken or unplugged cable or as big as a power outage. Having the local on-site contact do some basic checks and perform a CPE reboot, if necessary, might solve the problem without you ever picking up the phone. But even if you do need to contact support, you will have actionable information in hand to accelerate troubleshooting and find the root cause faster.



portal22. Use the Express Lane
Our support engineers are always just a phone call away, but when it comes to communicating technical information, the Expereo portal is your fast lane to starting the process. Filling out the on-line form is much quicker and less error prone than telling all the information to someone over the phone and waiting while they type it. And the system automatically creates a ticket when you’re done. Which means you spend less time explaining the issues and the support engineers begin working on a resolution sooner. https://portal.expereo.com



traffic cone3. Better Safe than Sorry
For those who know where to look, the tell-tale signs of an issue are often lurking under the surface long before they affect the end user. By tracking the performance in your network and applications, you can see a problem coming and take steps to correct it without the end user ever knowing.

For all services, Expereo offers a pro-active support option. Our global network management system continuously monitors end-customer services and automatically creates a trouble ticket when an outage is detected. Expereo engineers start working on incident resolution and notify our Channel Partner within 30 minutes, saving valuable time in the restoration process. Inquire with our sales team about how to enable pro-active support for your services.