The Hybrid Network and Cloud Access Go Global

Irwin Fouwels, Chief Commercial Officer at Expereo, discusses the advances in hybrid enterprise networks and cloud access


Irwin Fouwels

Q: It is good to see Expereo at ITW again. How has the last 12 months been?

A: It has been a very rewarding time for the company as we continue to expand our service capability and presence. As customers’ applications and business needs continue to evolve, the hybrid network is becoming the new standard for enterprise networking; with internet becoming the more prevalent component in its design. Expereo is finding the in-depth knowledge and contacts we have built up since we started back in 2004 allow us to bring rapid and significant gains in optimizing our customers’ hybrid networks and access to their cloud applications.

Expereo is well known for its ability to extend the enterprise network and cloud access to anywhere on the planet – we recently helped architect a hybrid network for over 1,200 locations across the globe, many of which were in remote and hard-to-get-to areas. Over the last 12 months we have further strengthened our in-country reach with often niche fiber access providers, allowing for greater diversity and often better economics as well. Furthermore, we have doubled our Cloud Acceleration PoPs, enabling optimized internet routing and performance from many key enterprise hot spots globally to leading cloud based user and cloud security applications.

We also further expanded our global presence by opening up an office in Brazil, complementing our global customer and partner support that is already provided by our offices in the Netherlands, United States, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, and Argentina.


Q: Further to Expereo’s unique depth and breadth of its global footprint, what else sets Expereo apart in fulfilling its customers’ requirements?

A: Quality. Quality of the overall customer experience. This is a function of the performance of the underlying service AND the quality of our customer support. Expereo provides internet and cloud access that meets and exceeds very exacting SLA levels with response times unmatched in our industry. We manage close to 3,000 in-country access partners across the globe, spanning all access technologies – from dedicated access to broadband and from fiber to wireless. Expereo monitors, measures and selects each of our ca.3,000 in-country access partners based on their continuously achieving best-in-class performance and technology KPIs within Expereo’s vendor agnostic framework.


Q: In the last few years we have discussed the rise of SDN and hybrid WAN solutions as key industry trends. Both are now evidenced in the industry. What future trends are of interest?

A: Public internet infrastructure is at a level of maturity now where we are seeing even the most traditional and security-conscious of enterprise and Public Sector organizations leveraging the economics, flexibility and agility of internet based enterprise networking and cloud access solutions. The advance of SDN and Expereo’s routing optimization over its Cloud Acceleration platform will further quicken this. Expereo is expanding its capabilities in terms of design, support, hardware and professional services to include both leading as well as newly emerging SDN platforms globally.


Q: We earlier spoke about Expereo’s investment in its unique ability to quote – firm and available – access. How important has accuracy and speed in quoting proven to be?

A: Essential. If we respond promptly, it gives us and our partners more time to deliver a fit-for-purpose, application driven solution to our customers. The inefficiencies in even today’s pricing, sourcing and contracting mechanisms are mind-boggling, as is the sunk cost to the enterprise and service provider as a result of this. Expereo has the ability to provide a technically validated solution at firm pricing within a matter of days in over 90% of service requests, across all technologies, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. We have already enabled real-time pricing for a select set of geographies and are expanding this further over the coming months.


Q: Many thanks for speaking with us. Can our delegates reach out to Expereo at ITW?

A: Absolutely. We have a team of experts here ready to discuss how we can create value together by building your hybrid network and optimizing internet access to your cloud applications.

Reach out to us at Suite #1927 in the West Tower of the Hyatt Regency.


This article appeared in ITW DAILY on May 9th 2016.

You can download a PDF of our 2016 article here.

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