Expereo Defined Networking

XDN combines four market leading network categories to create the ultimate global Cloud Acceleration, Internet connectivity and SD-WAN managed services platform.


Scalable Dedicated and Broadband Internet connectivity services for WAN access to your Cloud applications, systems and data everywhere you need it in 180+ countries, with 24/7 proactive global NOC support.

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Global SD-WAN managed services and deployment solutions supporting major SD-WAN equipment & software vendors, with advanced network orchestration and performance reporting & visualisation.

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Accelerated Cloud Access delivers the optimal user productivity experience for Cloud Applications with speed & reliability optimised Internet routing through our global network of Cloud Acceleration Hubs.

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A single global provider of equipment & field deployment services, network design, consultancy, support and single-invoice billing for 180+ countries, with 13+ years of Internet experience & expertise.

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The Internet is becoming the default global connectivity platform for businesses of all sizes, fueled by exploding bandwidth use and next-generation management technologies, such as SD-WAN. Enterprise bandwidth needs grow by an average of 30% per year, driven by increasing adoption of SaaS applications, Unified Communications and VDI services.

With the advent of technologies including SD-WAN, the Internet is fast becoming a powerful, cost-effective alternative to MPLS for network connectivity needs. Expereo is uniquely positioned to serve multinationals as they strive to balance costs with enterprise productivity, and meet dynamic business requirements in challenging global markets with our portfolio of XDN Services.

Global internet

As a service

Internet services are now a core component to enterprise and cloud connectivity

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Broadband category services provide all shared services, including mobile.
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Dedicated category services provide all guaranteed services.

Cloud connectivity

Expereo provide a unique Global Internet access service connecting more than 10,000 enterprise and government customer sites to the Cloud, with 24/7 global support.

Experience & expertise

Since 2004 we have built and actively manage the performance of a global network of suppliers in 180+ countries with the full portfolio of Internet access services.

Quality-led networking

The quality of your Internet underlay will define the quality of your overlay; the services you deliver via the Internet – voice, video, data, applications.


Expereo SD-WAN Management is a fully managed virtual private network service that provides automated deployment and change management functionality, real time site traffic control and optimisation, with comprehensive reporting and network visibility views.

Improve Network Performance

Utilise multiple links with active-active capability and performance based routing to avoid upstream network issues for productivity and maximum application performance.

Increase business agility

Quickly deploy new branches and integrate companies after mergers or acquisitions with any Internet transport, and centrally roll out new services or manage policies.

Lower overall costs

Deploy a hybrid WAN utilising high performance, cost-effective Internet bandwidth, and reduce your OPEX costs with centralised network management capability & resources.

Cloud optimisation

Application performance monitoring and routing improves SaaS workload performance across all offices and improve the performance of integration options with the major Public Cloud providers.


Apply transport-independent security for the enterprise WAN and easily apply segmented policies for partner network access, guest wireless and business access, to reduce any potential attack surface.

Network management

Customise, deploy and manage SLA-based policies for every application in use, deploy complex features such as Certificate Authorities & Performance Routing quickly and easily from a central point.


Accelerated Cloud Access

The Internet is a shared, best effort medium across 50,000+ individual networks, and therefore vulnerable to congestion and performance degradation due to packet loss, latency and jitter. Within the Internet, the current routing method is based on the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), which is designed for simple ‘shortest path selection’, and does not factor in overall performance.

Expereo XCA actively probes all internet prefixes for performance metrics such as packet loss, latency, jitter, throughput, historical reliability and maximum peer capacity, and selects the best routing based on these statistics – not just the shortest path.

The benefits of Expereo XCA


The XCA platform monitors all the available destinations across the public Internet and routes your traffic over the best path to compensate for BGP’s inherent deficiencies. This results in significant improvements in application performance and availability with lower latency, jitter and packet loss.


Expereo takes care of the connection of your business locations to our global XCA network, and provides an advanced online monitoring portal to share visibility of the accelerated application performance – combined with our global 24/7 pro-active support and issue resolution service centres.


We are constantly adding new Hubs into our global XCA network and Expereo also offer Direct Connect access to the major Public Cloud providers AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Services, to lift your network application performance by 2x – 3x compared to traditional Internet performance.


Xcceleration hubs

Existing Planned – 2018


As the pioneer of global managed Internet access solutions, our Xpertise services portfolio combines more than 13 years of experience in centralised global procurement, deployment, invoicing, technical standardization, performance monitoring, maintenance, support and issue resolution, with unparalleled global reach.

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Field Services

Expereo provide a single invoice in a single currency for all your in-country field service connectivity needs; including on-site survey and installations, testing, issue resolution and more, for all global deployment and integrations.

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Design and Consultancy

Our strategic Cloud consultancy services are based on 13+ years of specialised Global Internet experience and expertise, combined with local knowledge and local experts in 180+ countries, to deliver complex, hybrid Internet networks.

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Managed Services

We make Global Networks simple, by providing comprehensive equipment services, managing our supplier adherence to all local regulations, infrastructure maintenance and management, and network optimisation with 24/7 support.

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