Global internet as a service

Internet services have become the core component for enterprise networks and cloud connection

Internet access has become business critical

Rapid adoption of Cloud, SaaS applications, video, VDI and social media are driving increasing bandwidth demands across the network. With so many demands, how do you maintain effective ROI, let alone deliver the agility, the innovation, the competitive advantage – and the cost savings – that businesses wants technology to deliver?

The true cost of Internet

The true costs of managing an Internet-centric network are not found on ISP price pages. Broadband comes cheap, but the real costs of maintaining a reliable “Do-It-Yourself” network are often hidden – and higher than expected. Adding bandwidth to cope with latency can help, but the problem persists due to the nature of the Internet.

Since 2004 we have built and actively performance manage a global network of suppliers in 180+ countries

Why Expereo Global Internet?

Expereo provides global all-inclusive managed services and support, with a single invoice and comprehensive databases of all available access technologies. Dedicated Internet customers benefit from all-inclusive managed services and SLAs – no hidden charges, no surprises after service checks and delivery, and guaranteed performance.


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