February 15, 2022 | 4 min read
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5 Advantages of SD-WAN Gateways

Thomas Jongerius

SD-WAN/SASE Technical Lead

Businesses have long been aware of the benefits provided by SD-WAN architecture. In theory, it can result in lower costs, easier access to cloud SaaS applications, and deliver simpler management of services. In practice, however, not all SD-WAN architectures are created equal.

At Expereo, we understand that for many companies, things aren’t as simple as switching to SD-WAN and suddenly having all their IT problems solved. Enterprises using a large number of cloud services, particularly those with multiple branches based across different continents, could find that they are missing out on several advantages by not adopting hosted SD-WAN Gateways.

With our SD-WAN Gateways, we combine scalable network infrastructure with enhanced WAN performance. By combining your existing SD-WAN with Expereo hosted SD-WAN Gateways, your end-users will enjoy an optimized and predictable application experience.

We take a closer look at five of the main benefits you could gain access to by switching to our SD-WAN Gateways in this infographic and below in more detail:

 1. Increase performance when accessing SaaS applications

SD-WAN Gateways deliver the best performance and most predictable outcomes for your SaaS applications by reducing latency and packet loss across your WAN network. Our Gateways help businesses avoid the kinds of complex configurations and frequent policy changes that lead to uneven user experience.

SD-WAN Gateways can insulate your network from interruptions due to excessive traffic or latency, so you can reach your SaaS applications with the best performance. If your business is continuing to access its SaaS solutions over congested public networks, you are likely to experience unreliable performance. Of course, this will ultimately affect the user experience and could well lead to lower levels of productivity and higher numbers of IT support tickets (that could threaten to overload their IT resources).

Our Gateways help the end-users to have a seamless experience with their SaaS applications. Without these Gateways, the traffic from the end-user to the SaaS solution might travel via congested routes - meaning laggy video conferences and slower loading time while navigating through your apps.

Our enhanced internet solution, powered by our proprietary Smart BGP routing technology provides the most reliable route for SaaS applications and online content. Make sure you have the SD-WAN architecture that ensures your staff has the best reach for their SaaS applications at whatever time and wherever they are.

2. Global integration with cloud providers

The global cloud market has matured notably in recent years. There are now a host of major technology players all offering first-class services, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. However, integrating SD-WAN infrastructure with these cloud platforms isn't always straightforward. What’s more, integrating multiple cloud platforms can be expensive due to the duplication of your network requirements. Connectivity methods, security hurdles, and issues around complexity can all make connecting your network architecture to the cloud more difficult than it may first appear.

Hosted SD-WAN offers a native way of connecting to your cloud provider of choice. With Expereo’s hosted Gateways, everything is managed for you, so you can integrate your SD-WAN with your cloud vendor, without having to configure complex connections. You simply pick the cloud providers you need, and we take care of the rest.

3. SD-WAN performance with the global IP core

The internet may be the world’s most influential network. But it is also large, complex, and unwieldy. SD-WAN technology aims to meet this challenge head-on, improving WAN performance by leveraging the different internet access connections available at the network edge. However, when your traffic is sent via one of these internet access pathways, it is routed across the internet where it can face congestion and packet loss. This issue is exacerbated when traffic moves across continents.

However, the Expereo SD-WAN Gateway combined with the Global IP core complements your SD-WAN architecture by enhancing WAN performance. When traffic is routed across a region/continent, it will be steered to Expereo’s Global IP Core. On the other hand, if the traffic is meant for a nearby destination, it will remain local. With Expereo SD-WAN, your traffic always takes the most optimal option - something that is not necessarily the case with other vendors. Ultimately, our technology delivers better application performance and more efficient spending. It guarantees the best user experience for your application from anywhere.

4. Reach new levels of scalability

In a world where applications demand ever more bandwidth, enterprises seek predictable and scalable infrastructure. Expand your network with SD-WAN Gateways without worrying about traffic volumes altering the user experience of your application. Our Gateways allow you to combine multiple SD-WAN networks regardless of geographical location or the underlying service providers.

With our SD-WAN Gateways, you can instantly add capacity, so your network is always ready to meet your needs, regardless of how big or fast you grow. With Expereo SD-WAN Gateways, you can be scalable from the start.

5. Save costs

As well as boosting performance, embedding our SD-WAN Gateways within your enterprise WAN reduces your operational cost. Although one of SD-WAN’s main promises is around cost-saving, there are still several elements for you to consider ensuring your costs aren’t higher than they need to be.

By simplifying your infrastructure, our SD-WAN Gateways deliver cost savings by allowing you to deploy more affordable hardware at your branches to manage your network tunnels. There’s also no need to invest in expensive licenses. With our hosted SD-WAN Gateways, you only pay for what you need.

Ready to get full control over your network? Get in touch with us to learn more about our SD-WAN Gateways today.

Thomas Jongerius

SD-WAN/SASE Technical Lead

Thomas Jongerius is SD-WAN/SASE Technical Lead at Expereo with over 10 years of experience in network engineering. Thomas joined the engineering team earlier in 2021. As an SD-WAN/SASE Technical Lead, he is driving the technical portfolio for SD-WAN and SASE products within Expereo.

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