April 19, 2023 | 1 min read
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How SD-WAN Is Accelerating Digital Transformation for Businesses

Salim Khouri

Director of Global Solutions Engineering

No business has ever enjoyed the benefits of a static, digital landscape that allows them to grow and evolve in their own time. Each and every organization is driven by external pressures and opportunities, and all are at the mercy of rapid technological shifts. The latest shift, which can be broadly described as Digital Transformation, is well underway, and businesses of all shapes and sizes are working hard to adapt and take advantage of it to the best they can. One of the most critical aspects of any digital transformation strategy is, of course, cloud adoption.

Moving operations onto the cloud allows for greater security, higher productivity, less downtime and a much more agile workforce. Most businesses have been working toward this new online status quo gradually, but events in 2020 have understandably made digital transformation a much more immediate priority. The problem is, many businesses are still networking with traditional WAN architecture, and it’s simply not designed to work well with modern applications and their more efficient models of data consumption. This can result in poor performance and a frustrating user experience, leaving many organizations feeling jaded about the purported benefits of cloud adoption.

This is where SD-WAN comes in, just as organizations around the world are beginning to realise its potential. Do you want to learn why? Continue reading what our Director of Solutions Engineering, Salim Khouri, says about it on The Fast Mode magazine.

Salim Khouri

Director of Global Solutions Engineering

With over 20 years’ experience as a technology professional, Salim is the Director of Solutions Engineering to support Expereo’s managed global network and cloud connectivity solutions. His expertise includes, but is not limited to Global Internet, SD-WAN, and Security.

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