Your network is built on jelly.

– or it’s not

Upcoming Webinar – Join us on the 2nd of March

We understand how important it is that your global internet network is built on solid foundations. At Expereo we can source, build, then manage a high performance network for you as well as a SD-WAN network to make sure your applications are secure, reliable and predictable. Once in place, our AI platform – – brings unrivalled visibility of both networks, putting you in control of everything at a single glance.

We hope you can join us at our upcoming webinar where we’ll be talking about the difference Global Connectivity and SD-WAN can make to your business.Sign up to our webinar on the 2nd of March to find out more. It’s either Expereo, or it’s not.

As businesses wave goodbye to MPLS and move to the Internet, Cloud First and SaaS strategies are every IT team’s agenda. The Internet is rapidly becoming cornerstone of the enterprise network.

However, the internet is messy and complex and needs to be, controlled and predictable, and not only is this essential when it comes to operational security and efficiency, but also when it comes to user experience.  Consistent and reliable performance levels are a must-have but aren’t always viewed with the same priority or importance as the rest of your network.

SD WAN deployment is a tried and tested way of guaranteeing application performance. But it can only perform as well as the network infrastructure it runs over.

Bringing your SD WAN and network infrastructure together removes the risk of poor performance and offers the visibility to ensure your user experience never falters.

Join us as we discuss:

  • How bringing overlay and underlay infrastructures together can deliver a better user experience and the operational efficiencies being demanded today
  • How Enhanced Internet solutions ensure that predictable application performance in all locations deliver the promises of Cloud First and SaaS strategies
  • The importance of complete visibility of overlay and underlay via a single pane of glass to site level, puts the IT team in complete control of their global network infrastructure.