Enhanced Internet

2.2 million routing optimisations performed and 160 BGP blind failures avoided with Enhanced Internet

Enhanced Internet automatically performed more than 2.2 million routing optimisation, and avoided more than 160 BGP blind failures across the Coreix network in a recent month, eliminating customer issues and delivering maximum uptime.


Coreix faced several challenges that will be familiar to every network manager: how to build the best performing network with maximum uptime; and how to keep customers happy –reduce customer complaints, and free up the time for teams to add value to networks, not just fight fires..

Business pains

  • While BGP ensured optimum hops on all routes it was unable to automatically route around latency and packet loss.
  • In house systems picked up round trip delays, which then had to be manually configured for optimised routes by our engineering team.
  • Saturated transit providers were sharing an inferior service, which is now avoided by Cloud acceleration


With Enhanced Internet installed and running, Coreix instantly saw major improvements across their entire network. They also removed the need for manual interaction with their core routers, reducing the risk of human error.


Coreix enjoyed significant benefits in several areas: improved performance, fewer customer issues, the time for their team to deliver business value, and a network that helps them win new customers.

Coreix are an award-winning cloud, dedicated server and colocation specialist providing services to more than 500 clients. They offer an array of bespoke managed hosting solutions to clients of varying sectors ranging from SME’sto financial services, government and public sector organisations. Coreix are highly certified including ISO:27001,ISO:9001, PCI:DSS and the UK Government’s G Cloud framework among others.

From our securely operated facilities in London they provide bespoke solutions to clients across EMEA and APAC. Customers are offered a 100% uptime SLA on power and connectivity as standard and access to their premium network bandwidth services. With a five minute response time SLA in place, their experienced responsive operations, network and technical support teams are onsite 24/7.

Beyond human: Automatic optimisation builds a better network.


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