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Dedipath wins total network control with Expereo

DediPath is a US provider of infrastructure as a service (IaaS) with extensive experience in enterprise IT, managed services, and colocation.


Before Expereo, Dedipath had numerous individual bandwidth providers and were unable to perform route optimization based on latency, cost structure, and overall performance. Choosing the best alternative was either very time consuming or directly impossible.


To guarantee performance and reliability, Dedipath needed a solution that offered automatic route optimization, a solution that could choose the right bandwidth provider at any given time for any given client. That’s why they reached out to Expereo, and have been using our route optimization software, XCA Edge ever since.


Expereo brings all of Dedipath’s bandwidth providers together under the same platform and performs all of the optimizations automatically. Dedipath works with six different bandwidth providers; Expereo’s system identifies the fastest one for each customer based on where it’s going, where it’s coming from, latency, network conditions, and also cost structure.

“Our service has been significantly improved with Expereo. Without Expereo, we wouldn’t know what’s the best route for a customer and wouldn’t have automatic control over route optimization,” Ernie explained.

Customer Profile

As a provider of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Dedipath has a portfolio of customers who are extremely latency-sensitive. Any network issues would immediately have a negative impact on their credibility and put their business model at risk.


Dedipath x Expereo


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