Expereo SD-WAN with Cisco Meraki.

Reduce your operational costs and improve resource usage for multi-site deployments with centralized, streamlined cloud management for security, networking and application control.

Top Benefits

Simplified SD-WAN. Secure and scalable.

Easy to deploy and scale

Flexible WAN designs with multiple deployment and connectivity options offering visibility into all devices and single-touch provisioning for multi-site deployments.

Simplified network management

Get a fully centralized cloud management dashboard for security, networking and application control across your entire WAN and distributed multi-site networks.

Optimized app performance and availability

Help increase user productivity by optimizing cloud and on-premises application performance with real-time analytics, security, visibility and control.

Features & Specifications

Expereo SD-WAN with Cisco Meraki

Architecture: Hub & Spoke / Full Mesh (Hubs in mesh)
Orchestration Portal: Meraki Management Portal
Access Options: 2 underlay circuits only. 4G/LTE backup available.
Resiliency and Failover: Layer 2 and Layer 3 circuit fast failover. 4G LTE Backup.
Active/Passive hardware HA (single license)
Active/Active hardware HA (dual license)



  • WAN load balancing
  • Application-aware traffic controls (Bandwidth policies for layer 7 applications
  • Geographic Firewalling*
  • Content filtering*
  • IPS/IDS with SNORT*
  • Advanced Malware Protection with Cisco AMP*

*Advanced Security License

ModusLink Case
Use Cases

Innovation mindset drives the move to replace MPLS with internet SD-WAN

As a large Global third-party supply chain and logistics provider, a flexible, agile network was essential to meet increasingly complex customer requirements, related to the evolving needs of global Digital and Physical supply chains.

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