Customer cases.

Hear from our customers why Expereo is the leading Connectivity Managed Services provider.

Kemin Industries improved flexibility, capacity and cloud support with SD-WAN from Expereo

Before the expiration of our WAN contract, we evaluated if we were still on the right track with MPLS in terms of price and technology. Our provider had grown so big that the collaboration did not run as smoothly as we would like in terms of administration, deployment, and support.

Kramp improves efficiency and manageability with managed SASE solution from Expereo

Kramp has undergone strong growth in recent years, both organically and through several acquisitions. This resulted in a situation where the company had to maintain and manage multiple, different WAN and security solutions and technologies, which was highly inefficient in terms of cost and labour.

Schoeller Allibert increases network visibility, control, performance and security with managed SASE solution from Expereo

The company evaluated three potential partners, including Expereo and their existing network provider. Peter Koning: “We chose Expereo for a number of reasons. First of all, they are a true specialist in SD-WAN and SASE and have a clear focus on what they do.

Van Leeuwen pipe and tube group lowers cost and improves network flexibility and security with managed SASE solution from Expereo

One of the reasons we chose Expereo was that they addressed our requirement for reduced management through improved simplicity.

Bilfinger improves speed, efficiency and control with VMWare SD-WAN solution from Expereo

Another significant advantage is the ability to centrally manage the whole WAN. A good example: we recently had to upgrade 23 routers, which used to be a relatively big project with onsite visits. Besides the necessary preparations, the actual upgrade now took us no longer than 15 minutes!

Stolt-Nielsen future-proofs network infrastructure and improves global user experience

Immediately following the implementation of the Expereo integrated SD-WAN solution, Stolt-Nielsen was able to achieve financial and operational benefits, especially with regards to managed services.

Dedipath wins total network control with Expereo

As a provider of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Dedipath has a portfolio of customers who are extremely latency-sensitive. Any network issues would immediately have a negative impact on their credibility and put their business model at risk.

Innovation mindset drives the move to replace MPLS with internet SD-WAN

As a large Global third-party supply chain and logistics provider, a flexible, agile network was essential to meet increasingly complex customer requirements, related to the evolving needs of global Digital and Physical supply chains.

2.2 million routing optimisations performed and 160 BGP blind failures avoided with Enhanced Internet

Coreix faced several challenges that will be familiar to every network manager: how to build the best performing network with maximum uptime; and how to keep customers happy –reduce customer complaints, and free up the time for teams to add value to networks, not just fight fires.

Enhanced Internet was deployed for route optimisation to automatically route around any network performance issues instantly

IOFlood faced three main challenges; low customer satisfaction due to recurring network performance issues, they were using premium carriers without getting premium performance, and data overages were creating unexpected costs.

Carlyle sought to consolidate internet access globally to reduce public entry points into its network, improve security posture, consolidate ISP services

As a result of switching the management of its global internet, Carlyle was able to reduce operational complexity and total costs by partnering with Expereo.