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Tuesday 11 - Thursday 13 August 2020 BST



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Panel Discussion

13 August | 12:00 PM - | SGT | Thomas Suh - Commercial Director of Sales, APAC

When one size doesn't fit all-Sourcing and managing connectivity portfolios

SD-WAN has revolutionized network service options with a network overlay, but the underlay of physical connectivity remains the foundation of the WAN. WAN managers have even more options to source and manage the underlay and overlay for a hybrid network than a traditional private network. Enterprises might work with several carriers, SD-WAN vendors, ISPs, UC or UCaaS providers, cloud providers, or aggregators and integrators thereof. This panel will explore those various connectivity and management options.

  • How do enterprises determine the right mix of MPLS, DIA and broadband for their network?
  • What could motivate enterprises to maintain their MPLS in a hybrid or SD-WAN enabled network? Does it have a future?
  • What are some “model portfolios” of access types per location and business type? Are two discrete active-active connections sufficient?
  • What is the best way to judge broadband quality and performance in the sourcing process?
  • What factors should WAN managers consider in sourcing and managing networks from an array of suppliers around the world?
  • What are the trade-offs between single global suppliers, aggregators, and in-house management? How do you manage the inventory?
  • What special lessons can be learned from particularly expensive (Middle East) or difficult (China) markets?