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Monday, March 9, 2020 - Tuesday, March 10, 2020


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Mix & Match — selecting, sourcing, and managing a wan connectivity portfolio

9 March | 2:10 PM - | | Sander Barens - CCO

Mix & Match — selecting, sourcing, and managing a wan connectivity portfolio

SD-WAN has revolutionized network service options with a network overlay, but the underlay of physical connectivity remains the foundation of the WAN. WAN managers have even more options to source and manage the underlay and overlay for a hybrid network than a traditional private network.

Enterprises might work with several carriers, SD-WAN vendors, ISPs, UC or UCaaS providers, cloud providers, or aggregators and integrators thereof. This panel will explore those various connectivity and management options.

  • How do enterprises determine the right mix of MPLS, DIA and broadband for their network
    • What could motivate enterprises to maintain their MPLS in a hybrid or SD-WAN enabled network? Does it have a future?
    • What are some “model portfolios” of access types per location type? Are two discrete active-active connections sufficient?
    • What is the best way to judge broadband quality and performance in the sourcing process?
    • What factors should WAN managers consider in sourcing and managing networks from an array of suppliers around the world? What are the trade-offs between single global suppliers, aggregators, and in-house management? How do you manage the inventory?
    • How can WAN managers determine whether access lines are truly diverse, with no single point of failure? What level of diversity is necessary among circuits, providers, ducts, points of entry, and technologies?
    • What’s the role of wireless in the hybrid WAN today? What impact will 5G have?
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