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WAN Summit: Next Gen SD-WAN

Date and time

  • Wednesday 18 November 2020
  • 2:00 PM - 5:30 PM CET



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Panel Discussion

Lifting the lid on next gen SD-WAN

18 November | 3:45 PM - | | Sander Barens - CCO

SD-WAN has been a disruptive technology in terms of rethinking the underlay network and supplanting MPLS feature sets with key features like load balancing and forward error correction. The technology isn’t standing still though and the SD-WAN enabled network is now focused on application awareness, performance, and intelligent routing.

This panel will explain what has changed in SD-WAN, and dive into how it is changing the network with analytics about network and application performance, and creating more efficient routing and network/application policies.

  • How has SD-WAN evolved from where it started mostly as a load balancing technology?
  • What should enterprises be most aware of/focused on among these changes?
  • Are next-gen SD-WAN capabilities easily added to existing SD-WAN service enterprises that have already rolled out?
  • If enterprises chose a hardware solution do they now require box upgrades to take advantage of newer features?
  • Are application-based SLAs finally real?
  • How can SD-WAN facilitate that?


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