May 27, 2021 | 2 min read
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At your service: why managed SASE is the right solution for you

Expereo team

When considering adopting any new technology, the questions you have to ask yourself are: will I implement and maintain it myself? Or do I want someone else to manage it for me? 

The same questions need to be asked when it comes to your wide area network (WAN) and providing secure access to this network. To help you make the best decision, we have outlined three situations in which outsourcing your SASE activities is the smartest move.

There are several reasons why companies choose the cloud and several more reasons why they choose to have someone else manage it for them. The main one is that their core business has nothing to do with managing that particular solution. The same is true when it comes to SASE: networking and security need to be in place and requirements are high, but managing the process isn’t the company’s core activity. Here are three additional reasons why companies choose SASE as a service:

  1. You need a partner to help you make sound decisions

Replacing your MPLS lines, designing an international network connecting the most remote edges, migrating an existing overlay network: do you have what it takes to make the right decisions? And what about security: how are you implementing security policies and how do you combine on-premise security needs with cloud acceleration? If you’re starting to have doubts just reading these questions, you probably could do with some help. With managed SASE, you not only get implementation support, but a partner to help you with all the answers to your SASE questions, as well as management of your network and security in full operation.

  1. You want to move away from MPLS, but don’t know how

A lot of customers come to us when they’re looking to replace expensive and inflexible MPLS lines. Our core business, however, is not replacing lines, but we do deliver underlay-independent solutions. That makes our solutions flexible, removing the need to migrate to other underlay networks with a big bang approach, and eliminating monster projects that could jeopardize your performance and security. In short, it makes migrating away from MPLS a lot easier.

  1. You want to cut costs and reduce management complexity

To build a secure and high-performing network to all branches and edges, you’ve collected a complete series of technologies over time. However, managing solutions and vendors is time-consuming and it’s not part of your core business. With managed SASE, you only have one partner for your entire network and security, one partner that combines SD-WAN, security, global backbone, underlay network, and universal CPE solutions – seamlessly.

At Expereo, we deliver SASE as a Service, making sure our customers are completely taken care of when it comes to networking and security. Together, we make a selection of the best technology, help implement the solutions, and support you 24/7, monitoring your network for threats and vulnerabilities. SASE as a Service makes sense when you need to focus on your core business while future-proofing your network.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your next project. We will gladly show you how SASE as a Service could work in your situation.


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