XCA Edge

BGP network optimization that makes your business faster, smarter, and more efficient

Find the best path for your business: route around internet problems in milliseconds

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With XCA Edge your network can make fast, intelligent routing decisions. That means avoiding internet problems and outpacing the competition

XCA Edge is a highly customizable BGP network optimization solution that sits inside your network architecture. XCA Edge overcomes BGPs inherent routing and network limitations by constantly monitoring all available destinations across the public internet. It executes thousands of tests per minute, then chooses the best path available for your connection, working around any abnormal, erroneous, or sub-optimal routing paths in milliseconds. Issues are detected and solved instantaneously, leaving your business to run smoothly.

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Access a complete network blueprint. Find out what’s working, what’s not, and why with in-depth performance monitoring and traffic analysis

XCA Edge’s network reporting portal provides real-time, visual feedback and analysis on the performance of your network. Its configurable probing engine automatically builds a comprehensive, at-a-glance picture of your network connectivity, alongside vital data needed for future capacity planning.

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Prevention is better than cure: XCA Edge detects and automates against common attacks such as DDoS before any damage is done

DDoS attacks are a concern for most Internet-connected platforms. The tremendous amount of traffic generated by these attacks make it impossible to stop without either a cloud based/ISP scrubbing solution or an oversized network edge with in-house scrubbing capabilities.

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What do I get out of XCA Edge?

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Improve webshop performance and availability

  • Rank higher in search engines
  • Improve user experience and reduce slowdown
  • Increase sales, reduce churn, and lower drop off rates for trial and demo conversions
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Cloud & hosting

Increase cloud and hosted application performance

  • Deliver a quality user experience to every location on your network
  • Gain insight and control over network and application behaviour
  • Lower your overall costs
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Enterprise networks

Control network costs and performance

  • Apply policies for key traffic and use lower cost paths for less-critical traffic with confidence
  • Ensure the best use of committed bandwidth
  • Eliminate network outages

What XCA Edge will bring to your business

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Deliver a quality experience
to every location

Reduced issues means happier customers. XCA Edge’s smart, real-time routing decisions improve application performance across all of your network.

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Lower your cost paths

Reduce your network costs. XCA Edge is highly customisable, enabling you to apply policies for key traffic use and use lower cost paths for less critical traffic.

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Experience the best business

Ensure the best use of committed bandwidth and eliminate network outages – XCA Edge does the hard work, leaving you to think about optimisation rather than rectification.

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Know your network like the back of your hand

Understand what’s happening – when, where, and why. Real-time, visual performance feedback and analysis and comprehensive monthly reporting provides a complete blueprint of your network.

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Detect attacks before
they happen

Automatically detect and automate DDoS attacks as and when they happen. You don’t need to lift a finger – XCA Edge stands as your front-line guard against attacks.

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Refocus on your network

XCA Edge automatically balances committed data costs while optimizing performance over multiple IP transit providers – leaving you to focus on everything else you want to do with your network.

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