March 31, 2020 | 1 min read
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Optimisation: the missing piece of the digital transformation puzzle

Jean-Philippe Avelange

Chief Information Officer

Digital transformation has been a mainstay in enterprise boardrooms across the world for the past decade or more

Regardless of industry, whether they realize it or not, every business has already begun their digital transformation journey.   

For some, this will mean improving the customer experience through integrated CRM suites, turning data into actionable insight and making it accessible to all. For others, the journey toward digital maturity will lean more into collaboration and productivity, ensuring the business has everything it needs to streamline and scale its operations. In both instances, cloud connectivity is crucial – but is connectivity enough?  

Migrating apps to the cloud holds all kinds of benefits in terms of accessibility and security, but how those apps are deployed, monitored and optimized can have a huge impact on cost and productivity. How much-untapped potential is there that businesses either aren’t aware of, or simply don’t have the resources to take advantage of? 

Most businesses approach cloud migration in a reactive manner, making the change because they need to. For example, it’s increasingly common for large scale businesses to have their applications customized or even tailor-made to perform specific functions, such as accounting or reporting. These apps become integral to the business and its operations, but as the business moves on, those apps get left behind and are often dependant on legacy operating systems. This makes them a huge security risk. One solution is ‘cloud encapsulation’, which involves moving the legacy app onto the cloud and creating a safe virtual environment for it to run in. Many businesses would regard this as a core part of their ‘digital transformation’ solution, but moving apps into the cloud is really only the first step. In terms of what’s possible, it’s the very tip of the iceberg.  

Does this sound interesting? If you want to learn more about cloud migration, SD-WAN adoption and congestion reduction continue reading what our Chief Information Officer says about it on TechNative magazine.

Jean-Philippe Avelange

Chief Information Officer

Jean-Philippe Avelange is Chief Information Officer at Expereo. With over 20 years of telecom IT experience, Jean-Philippe has a focus on cloud solutions, digital transformation, and agile methodologies. Starting as an IT manager at Capgemini Telecom, he has been dealing with complex information system architecture throughout his career. With an eye for business, he founded InovenAltenor and Avelto and has also worked as an independent IT consultant before deciding to join Expereo, back in 2017.

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