Business cannot happen without being connected. In some locations you need peace of mind that there is a back-up option for connectivity in the event of a network outage. In others, wired connections simply might not be immediately available or easy to deliver, causing issues for application access and hindering your agility.

Unless you can quickly get all your locations connected, you cannot ensure that all users can access the applications they need, with the performance they need to be productive. This can limit your ability to grow and deliver for your customers across all network locations.

Ensure network connectivity across every location

With Fixed Wireless Access, you can quickly deploy reliable, flexible mobile (4G/LTE/5G) networks even in remote areas or locations that are normally difficult to connect.

Our all-inclusive, fixed wireless solution provides a layer of technical diversity to your network infrastructure, increasing reliability and ensuring a high availability design at every site.

Whatever your network needs, we partner with you to build and manage your networks in-region, with localized support that ensures you can maintain business continuity, while managing your whole global network through expereoOne.

Fixed Wireless Access is deliverable as a primary or failover. We work with you to boost your terrestrial connections as and where they are needed, giving you greater flexibility and improved access while ensuring business continuity with access to multiple possible networks.

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Stay connected, wherever your business needs it

Establishing a Fixed Wireless Access mobile Internet solution guarantees all of your locations can be reliably connected so you can keep your business running smoothly.

Download our brochure today and plan for the future knowing you have guaranteed business continuity and resilience.

Robust connectivity when and where you need it

You can use Fixed Wireless Access in two key ways:

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As a backup connection when and where you need business continuity. Our solution is deliverable as a second or even third line, to provide a reliable backup that ensures your site will never be disconnected.

Expereo global network options

As a primary connectivity option for locations that are temporary or hard to reach, or for new locations where you are waiting for Global Internet to be connected. This helps you to accelerate your business expansion and serve your users and customers rapidly in new locations.

Flexible, agile and resilient connectivity where it’s needed

Fixed Wireless Access is easy and fast to deploy, using low carbon-footprint equipment to provide local access to reliable networks. You can extend network reach into remote locations to enable workers to stay connected, or provide a failover option to mitigate outages.

Our Fixed Wireless Access is deliverable as a primary or failover and you are not limited to one specific mobile provider, so can always connect to the best performing network.

You can use Fixed Wireless Access to support your business in a range of scenarios:

To provide technical diversity in your networks as a backup option to support business continuity at existing sites.

As an alternative primary connectivity option for locations that are hard to reach, or where cables are not present.

As an easy-to-deploy option for new or temporary locationswhere a full-scale network is not immediately available or required.

Benefits for your business
We can help you respond to your most urgent networking needs. Fixed Wireless Access provides a variety of benefits to support your business expansion and network performance:
Drive business continuity with a redundant or highly-available network up and running fast.
Reach locations that fixed lines cannot for more site flexibility and resilience.
Be more responsive with the ability to spin up services and locations as and where required, to help you stay agile and take advantage of opportunities to grow.
Stay supported across every location with dedicated, local teams to help set up and manage your network.
Get complete, intuitive visibility of all your networks and connectivity solutions through expereoOne.
Get insight into utilization rates by site for better visibility and control of your costs. Through expereoOne, we can provide notification of your usage rates and help you manage how your data is being used.

What sets Expereo apart?

Consultation service

As part of our Fixed Wireless Access service, experts will review your network, understand your needs and advise you on the best architecture for your business.

Global support

As a Global Internet service provider, we can design, source, implement and support Fixed Wireless Access whenever you need it, wherever you are based. We work everywhere and can support you with primary or backup networks as needed, supported by our provider-agnostic approach that ensures your business continuity.

A truly managed service

With some Fixed Wireless Access solutions, businesses are left in the dark regarding the performance of their network infrastructure. With Expereo you are regularly updated about your network performance and recommendations.

Through our platform expereoOne, you can get a complete, intuitive view of your Global Internet services, including Fixed Wireless Access. Real-time analytics and visualization make it quick and simple to see how services and locations are performing, and help to identify any gaps.

We can then work with you to flex and expand any services which are required, giving you far more control of your network performance in the future.

expereoOne gives you an accurate inventory of your orders, deliveries, site details, incidents, tickets and invoices. So you can keep track of your spending and performance, as well as your services.

See it for yourself

Talk to our expert team about your network needs today. We’ll work with you to identify, build and manage the right mix of Internet solutions for your locations, wherever you need to get connected.