Our purpose

Guided by our corporate values, Expereo is committed to being a force for good in our global community. We recognize the ESG responsibilities we have to our employees, customers, investors, and to the planet. Our dedication to robust governance, independent sustainability assessments, equal opportunities for our employees, and responsible practices drives positive outcomes for all and aligns with our goal of fostering beneficial change for the world.

We operate in a hyperconnected and high-risk world that requires transparency and trust in all our engagements. That’s why the ESG and security practices of our partners are just as important as our own. We seek alignment on ESG and security priorities and provide visibility into the ecosystem behind our services for a resilient, compliant, and ethical supply chain that is pulling in the same direction. Together, we can accelerate the journey to our brighter future.


The responsibility for protecting our world is up to all of us; governments, businesses and individuals. We recognise that, which is why here at Expereo we are committed to acting now for our future.

As we look to accelerate our actions we have a number of initiatives in place. We have already taken significant steps to decarbonize our operations – over 86% of the data centers we use are green, utilizing the latest technology to provide renewable energy.

We are fully committed to reducing our carbon footprint further. Expereo participates in two major offsetting initiatives with Closing the Loop and Climate Neutral Group. All business travel is similarly neutralized. Our waste reduction efforts include a switch to paperless operations and an effective recycling and refurbishment program to eliminate electronic waste.

equinix logo

“Equinix is proud to accompany Expereo in the journey to greener global connectivity, with over 90% of our Data Centers energy consumption today covered by renewable sources”.

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We also receive great feedback from our employees and customers alike from our partnership with Tree Nation. Introduced at the start of 2023, we recognize and value engagement across the business and have already planted over 1,300 trees offsetting over 450 tons of CO₂.

ecovadis 2023 bronze award

All of these efforts have helped us earn bronze-level certification with Ecovadis, the independent sustainability assessor. This puts us in the top half of our industry, but we’re still working hard to achieve silver – and beyond.


Honesty and integrity are a universal standard, valued by every culture across the world. Our diverse workforce is drawn from 48 different nationalities, united by an established code of conduct to ensure all operations uphold these values.

We celebrate equal opportunity and inclusion in all forms, believing that a diverse workforce allows us to better meet the needs of our customers and encourage new creativity.

Investing in our people and employee engagement is a prime focus. We design and deploy training paths that provide our people with the professional skills and tools they really need and want. We actively encourage teams to take part in CSR challenges and initiatives, such as for our annual environment day event, and health week initiatives. And we use employee advocacy tools, such as Sociabble – to keep the whole company connected and in the know.


Our stance is unequivocal – honesty, transparency, and integrity are the standards by which we operate, with a zero tolerance policy for corruption. All our supplier relationships are already governed by a clear code of conduct to maintain regulatory and ethical boundaries – and 100% of our supplier contracts contain a CSR clause.

As a connectivity business, we are very conscious of the importance of global standards for information security management. This is why we are proud to be ISO 27001 certified.

Expereo’s ESG policies are constantly updated to track our progress, manage risks, and help keep on top of any changes to corporate social responsibility, modern slavery, anti-bribery, and anti-corruption legislation. What is more, all our employees are trained on cybersecurity, data protection, and Code of Ethics.

One eye on the future

Expereo’s dedicated ESG committee measures, tracks, defines, and improves our business performance. We have established a robust set of governance frameworks with clear goals to maintain standards and help mitigate risks wherever we operate in the world.

Whether in terms of sustainability, diversity
or governance, we are always looking for ways to
improve what we do – and the world around us.

For global connectivity that helps you realise your future faster, start your Expereo journey today.