Business connectivity is changing.

As businesses work to accelerate cloud migration and take advantage of the potential for new or innovative applications and services, the legacy of fixed, private networking is increasingly a barrier to transformation.

Businesses must be able to provide global, reliable access to applications and services to ensure ROI from IT investments and deliver differentiated application experiences. With the ability to monitor performance, direct resources and respond quickly, Expereo can help you to drive better Global Internet connectivity and improve the performance and management of your networks.

At Expereo, we’ve been a crucial part of the Internet for over 20 years, helping organizations to identify, deploy and manage the precise networks they need to underpin digital and cloud transformations with the very best in flexible, agile connectivity.

We take away the burden of managing your Global Internet connectivity with an intelligent, platform-enabled approach that gives you the insight and ecosystem to understand and invest in connectivity solutions that fit the unique needs of your business.

Our approach is:


We design the infrastructure we deliver, the local providers we use, and the management of your global networks entirely on what your business needs. We work with you to understand your sites, your choice of applications and your users, then recommend, deploy and manage the right mix of connectivity solutions to meet those needs.


Through our intelligent customer experience platform, expereoOne, we enable you to see, monitor and understand the health of all of your network services, transactions and data in one place. You get a single pane of glass to help you continually assess your network performance, so you can manage costs and direct resources according to your business strategy.


Our people are true Internet experts. As well as our proprietary technology, you’ll have access to a deep well of experience, partnerships and local network understanding, combining platform and human intelligence to give you a continually learning and improving network foundation.

Why Expereo

We give you an intelligent Internet platform, designed to ensure easy, global access, to accelerate your business agility and give you a single, actionable view of your whole network architecture.

With expereoOne, you’ll experience complete visibility and control of it all, no matter how many different types of networks – or locations – you need to connect. We’ll work with you from design through to deployment, managing everything from maintenance to performance to supplier relationships.

By putting the network experts in charge of your networks, you can rest assured of improved performance, and support for your applications and users everywhere, so you can focus on your strategic priorities.

Here’s what makes us different:

Green icon of a web browser window with a line graph and a checkmark, representing successful data analytics or website performance.

Through expereoOne we give you actionable, comprehensive visibility of your Internet networks, across every solution and location.

Green icon of a headset with a microphone, representing customer support or call center services.

We’re always developing and evolving, continually investing in innovation to further support our customers, ISPs and technology partners.

Green icon of a hand holding a globe, representing global support or worldwide services.

We’re operational in 190 countries so you’ll never be limited in where and when you need to connect your business.

Green icon of a globe with interconnected nodes, representing global connectivity or network.

Our validated portfolio of best-in-class providers help to continually raise standards for performance, pricing and compliance – and ensure we have you covered in every location where you operate.

Green graphic of a Wi-Fi signal with a checkmark – indicating a successful or secure connection.

Local, 24/7 support ensures we can support your Internet performance and resolve any challenges quickly.

Green icon of three people, representing a group or community.

We always listen to our customers with our annual surveys and co-creation of solutions to answer your biggest strategic priorities.

Consolidated, secured connectivity with total visibility

With 20 years of designing, implementing and managing IP networks around the world, our solutions and approach can be trusted to give you the very best in connectivity. Every solution in our portfolio is designed for better experiences and deeper insights, supported by expert partners who help us to constantly develop and refine what we offer.


It’s only when you have complete visibility that you can have full control. That’s why the expereoOne platform is built to help you manage all of your networks and solutions, from the global down to site level.

You can monitor and control performance, invoicing, network heath and beyond, through a unique, single view that fits your business and the insights you need. You can consolidate network operations over time by identifying unnecessary costs and activities and reallocate them to where they make a difference.

Globally recognized, locally delivered.

Expereo is trusted by 60% of Fortune 100 companies to deliver greater viability, control and network performance.

Discover how our customers achieved their distinct strategies through our collaborative, expert approach below.