CIOs agree that when it comes to the ideal enterprise network, it must be robust, flexible, high-performing, scalable and easy to use. But this is complex to achieve.

With the increase in hybrid working, the ability to change the dynamics of the network to meet diverse connectivity needs at a moment’s notice is vital.

Expansion is essential to drive business growth, but every geographic region and national market has unique business and technology challenges. The move away from MPLS and towards Global Internet architectures is essential to support businesses as they transition to the cloud and go for growth, but can cause challenges:

Managing your entire estate across the world is extremely time-consuming, with the need to manage and understand multiple systems, service providers and invoices.

Greater complexity in managing a Global Internet architecture and ensuring high performance wherever it is needed.

More visibility is required to help IT teams to manage infrastructure with agility and insight.

Deliver reliable Internet connectivity, everywhere

With Global Internet from Expereo, we design, build and manage a reliable Internet network across all of your global locations and teams. We work with you to identify the network and service options required with a service-agnostic approach, whether you need Broadband, Dedicated Internet or Fixed Wireless Access. With 20 years’ experience working in the Internet and managing thousands of networks globally, we understand the Internet better than anyone, constantly innovating to enhance the options for businesses and increase the reliability of connectivity.

De-risk your cloud migration with a solution that is tailored to your needs across all your estates, with reduced downtime and resilient connections. Choose the perfect local partners to help you shape your effective, future-proof network.

We ensure that you retain full visibility of all your networks with our platform expereoOne, enabling you to see your whole network and all of your solutions in one place. You get the control needed to make decisions and allocate resources to drive efficiency and support your long-term goals.

Fast global connectivity. No compromise.

Businesses rely on the Internet to deliver the easy, global access and agility required for modern connectivity, data sharing and application performance.

Our portfolio of solutions help you to connect people, places and data everywhere that you need to support your collaboration and productivity, giving you a range of benefits:

Greater speed, agility and access in every region to support your business expansion and help you grow more easily.

We work with you to identify the network requirements at each of your sites and leverage our global partner ecosystem to provide the best connection for your underlying infrastructure.

Increased operational resilience and more consistent network and application performance.

Leverage a portfolio of partners across the world and use our knowledge and insight to get the right solution for your business, removing complexity with all your vendor relationships managed for you.

With a wide selection of local carriers, we can design and build a more diverse network for you, eliminating single points of failure and ensuring a wider variety of connection paths to keep your business connected.

Helping you connect your business, anywhere and everywhere
With Global Internet from Expereo, you can deliver a range of benefits to your business and network users:
Reliable and resilient network performance and better experiences.
Increased agility with rapid deployments supported by our teams in-region.
Greater consistency between regions with the speed and agility to accelerate access to new markets and enable business expansion.
Local support with the right vendors and network for your business, chosen and managed by us.
Easier management and decision-making enabled by total visibility through expereoOne.
Higher network availability with a broad range of Internet solutions.

For complete visibility of your networks, all in one place

Through our platform expereoOne, you get a complete, intuitive view of your Global Internet services. Real-time analytics and visualization make it quick and simple to see how services and locations are performing, and help to identify any gaps.


We can then work with you to flex and expand any services which are required, giving you far more control of your network performance in the future.

expereoOne gives you an accurate inventory of your orders,
deliveries, site details, incidents, tickets and invoices. So you can keep track of your spending and performance, as well as
your services.

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Proven, leading solutions for global connectivity

Carlsberg selected Expereo to implement and manage a new Internet underlay network in 160 sites in 40 countries to ensure seamless performance wherever Carlsberg employees, partners and customers are located.

This Internet network is a critical component in ensuring Carlsberg had the secure, predictable global application performance they expected.

We wanted a partner that understands the Internet and brings us unrivalled connectivity wherever we are located enabling us to consolidate our network infrastructure as we move from several regional service providers with fragmented technical solutions to one integrated network and security stack.

Laurent Gaertner, Global Director of Networks at Carlsberg

Ready to connect?

We are an Internet-first organization and since our inception have been working to provide optimized, global solutions for better connectivity and performance. Talk to us about how we can support your resilience and deliver an Internet infrastructure that fits your needs.