Put your Cloud investments to faster work

‘Normal’ internet is vast, built across over 100,000 individual networks all vulnerable to congestion and performance degradation. If you’ve invested in SaaS applications, we understand the frustration this can cause for users. Our optimization engine constantly finds and updates your traffic to the best route in real-time. No more slow uploads or process delays, just happier users and faster-moving business.

Optimize traffic to Cloud
and SaaS application

Applications are only as good as the end-user experience. We deliver the best performance for all Cloud-based applications by selecting the most reliable paths to every destination.

Full network control

Our advanced online monitoring and reporting portal provides real-time visibility of the accelerated Internet application performance. Anything goes wrong, Expereo’s 24/7 pro-active support will identify and resolve it.

Smart routing decisions

Your destination IPs are actively probed for performance metrics including packet loss, latency, historical reliability, throughput, and peering capacity, and the best routes are continually selected in real-time.

How Enhanced
Internet works

Enhanced Internet is designed to avoid all congestion, packet loss, and complex failures. It makes decisions in milliseconds, converging faster than BGP alone, to deliver high speed performance and maximize service availability.

Why choose Expereo for faster, intelligent connectivity?

1. Scanning
Enhanced Internet scans your internet traffic worldwide to identify destinations IP prefixes for optimization.

2. Analysis
It probes destination IP prefixes for latency and packet loss when routed via each of available IP transits.

3. Decisions
Enhanced Internet matches against policies preset by you and decides which IP transits should be used as a best path.

4. Re-routing
It also influences Border Gateway Protocol by adding the best calculated BGP route in terms of speed and efficiency.

Realize the difference, everywhere

Normal Internet

The internet consists of 790,000+ individual networks with a huge amount of data in flux at any given time, vulnerable to congestion and poor performance.

Enhanced Internet

The optimized configuration of Enhanced Internet executes thousands of tests per minute and makes real-time decisions to select the best, fastest path available for your data.

Global Enhanced Internet Hubs

World map

Fixed Wireless Access for SD-WAN

At Expereo, our goal is to provide our customers with the most effective SD-WAN solution possible. Expereo Fixed Wireless Access adds redundancy to your SD-WAN and enhances application performance to a whole new level through reduction in latency, jitter and data loss.

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