April 26, 2024
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Connecting sites in just days with Fixed Wireless Access from Expereo

Expereo team

See how Expereo is capable of connecting sites quickly and efficiently with Fixed Wireless Access and how the success of this solution made it a viable addition to a business continuity strategy.

A leading white goods manufacturer had ambitious growth goals and an innovation mindset. When the opening of a new office in Europe was put on pause due to a lack of physical infrastructure, they needed to find an innovative and flexible solution that could be deployed rapidly to get them back online and their business operating.

The challenge

This company was setting up a new site and after securing the premises, they found that they didn’t have the fixed lines required to enable connectivity. Additionally, they would not be able to get a wired connection set up quickly. Without connectivity, none of their employees would be able to get online, communicate, collaborate or support their customers.

They needed to get connected as quickly as possible to conduct business, uphold their reputation, and alleviate employee frustrations.

The solution

Subsequently, our team were familiar with this company as they had previously worked with Expereo on an SD-WAN project as part of a broader transformation strategy. Due to this pre-existing relationship and our 20+ years of experience enabling global connectivity, we were well positioned to find a solution to their connectivity challenges.

We proposed Fixed Wireless Access as it could be rapidly deployed and would get their site connected as quickly.

Based on our long-standing partnership with this company, we had a good understanding of their needs. We were able to configure the optimal data bundles, network needs, and deploy the required equipment in just days. Consequently, the new site reached full connectivity with our Fixed Wireless Access solution shortly after.

The outcome

Having secured fast, seamless connectivity in this critical location, this company entrusted Expereo to deploy Fixed Wireless Access in 25 more locations.

The collaborative partnership between the two companies continues to grow. Consequently, this customer has embraced Fixed Wireless Access from Expereo as part of their global connectivity strategy to support:

  1. Rapid connectivity at new, temporary and hard-to-reach locations
  2. Business continuity

Having seen the success of using mobile networks to support rapid connectivity, they embraced the idea of using Fixed Wireless Access from Expereo to support business continuity in other locations. That means if anything happens to their physical infrastructure, like damaged equipment, then Fixed Wireless Access automatically kicks in. They can keep their business connected, collaborating and communicating no matter what happens.

With seamless integration into their existing tech stack and total visibility and control through our Intelligent Internet platform, expereoOne, this company can scale their business exactly how they need. They also have peace of mind that they will always have continual connectivity, no matter where their business takes them.

Do you need rapid connectivity deployment or business continuity support?

When it comes to connecting sites, Fixed Wireless Access from Expereo is a resilient connectivity solution. It's suitable for rapid deployment, connecting remote sites, and for business continuity back-up.

We work in consultative partnership with our customers to navigate the complexity and difficulty of their Internet needs. We use our knowledge and expertise to find the right, reliable connectivity solution for every site.

Get in touch today to see how Fixed Wireless Access can help you get faster to the future.

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