As enterprise IT demands become more unpredictable, businesses must be able to anticipate, flex, scale and adapt faster than ever before. Businesses have responded by accelerating towards cloud-first, data-driven, digital operations.

Consolidated connectivity

But doing this effectively requires a network that’s not only optimized for success today, but is future-ready too. A network capable of keeping up with evolving demands.

CIOs everywhere are looking for the right approach that can enable them to rethink and evolve their networks for better operational efficiency today, while preparing the organization for future growth.

What does the ideal enterprise network look like?

Enterprises need the right mix of network solutions suited to their specific environments, users and applications.

Visibility is imperative too, not just to ensure the smooth running of enterprise networks, but to support IT teams to effectively control and understand how their network requirements change. SD-WAN is a key part of this global connectivity strategy, providing a high-performing network infrastructure in the locations where application performance needs to be guaranteed.

With SD-WAN you can achieve an enterprise network that is:

Robust – with zero downtime and reliable, always-on access to applications and data.

Flexible– with the ability to adapt according to changing market conditions and user needs.

High performing – with consistent latency and delivery, no matter the level of demand.

Scalable – with the ability to adjust capacity with the requirements and growth of the enterprise.

Easy to use – with a reconfigurable and manageable network that keeps IT in control.

Managed SD-WAN from Expereo

With Managed SD-WAN from Expereo, you get the fast, reliable application performance that you need to deliver differentiated IT experiences. Our unrivalled global expertise, experience, and support, will make your business transformation to an internet-based, cloud-centric SD-WAN seamless.

We deliver flexible network solutions that are uniquely tailored to you. With global, comprehensive and supported services, wherever you are in the world. Managed SD-WAN brings together our technical expertise with our best-in-class technology to ensure that your enterprise network can scale quickly to support your cloud initiatives.

Our high-performing network takes away the constraints that exist with legacy solutions, enabling you to deliver your specific business goals while Expereo’s managed services take care of the day-to-day running and operation of your networks. Plus, with the expereoOne platform, you can manage your SD-WAN infrastructure alongside the rest of your network architecture in one place, with full visibility of your services, locations, users and more.

How we deliver enhanced SD-WAN

Our SD-WAN Performance Optimization consists of a combination of three services:

With Fixed Internet we use our 20+ years of experience to provide our customers with the best network underlays for their internet peering, offering them true diversity at the best possible price.

Through our AI Network automation, Enhanced Internet helps boost your internet connection and your SD-WAN network.

Our in-house technology means we can guarantee against packet loss and latency to ensure that the performance you receive from our Fixed Internet service matches that of your MPLS network.

How we deliver enhanced SD-WAN

Our SD-WAN Performance Optimization consists of a combination of three services:

With Fixed Internet we use our 20+ years of experience to provide our customers with the best network underlays for their internet peering, offering them true diversity at the best possible price.

Futureproof your network, today

Harness the power of a connected, flexible network with Managed SD-WAN. We give you control over how and where you get connected with the ability to easily deploy and scale sites through our managed services.

Our consultative partnership approach de-risks your WAN investments, giving you the ability to scale network projects at your own pace.

We make it our mission to partner with the best providers so that your networks only operate using best-in-class technology, supported by end-to-end services covering:


We leverage 20+ years expertise in infrastructure design, to fit a solution around your requirements.


Our teams ensure streamlined projects that deploy and integrate your networks on time and on budget.


Our ‘follow the sun’ delivery model reduces the burden on your internal IT teams, managing your network performance so your teams have the time to focus on strategic initiatives that drive growth for your business.

We provide a wide range of options and capabilities for your business:

Cisco Meraki

A lean, simple security, networking, and app management option. Highly efficient in multi-site deployments.

Cisco SD-WAN

Advanced routing, segmentation, and security capabilities to give depth and breadth for connecting complex networks.


Built for operational efficiency and simple connectivity for cloud and SaaS applications.

Unmatched support and better value for your enterprise
Our managed SD-WAN solution brings a host of benefits to you business performance and connectivity:
Application-aware routing optimizes your business-critical traffic.
Better productivity and capacity for applications like Slack, Salesforce and Office365.
Optimized user experience for all your employees, no matter where they work.
Easier management with the ability to set routing, traffic thresholds and access policies to suit your business.
Global coverage with combined network solutions when and where you need them.

Go further to secure your business-critical networks with SASE

Take your network confidence to the next level with Expereo Secure Access Service Edge (SASE). Reduce operational complexity and costs while building comprehensive security into your underlying network, to keep your data safe across all your sites and users.

Consultation service

As part of our SD-WAN service, experts will review your network, understand your needs and advise you on the best technology for your business.

Global support

Our Fixed Internet teams help you choose the best underlay for your SD-WAN network. As a Global Internet service provider, we can design, source, implement and support broadband or dedicated internet access whenever you need it, wherever you are based.

Intelligent routing

With Expereo, your SD-WAN network runs on the most optimal path, for the best performance at the right price. With our intelligent routing technology, Enhanced Internet analyzes different paths from the Expereo Enhanced IP Cores and automatically chooses the best-performing route.

A truly managed service

With some SD-WAN solutions, businesses are left in the dark regarding the performance of their network infrastructure. With Expereo, however, you are regularly updated about your network performance and recommendations.

For complete visibility of your networks, all in one place

Through our platform expereoOne, you can get a complete, intuitive view of your combined network underlay and overlay services – including SD-WAN – in one place. Real-time analytics and visualization make it quick and simple to see how services and locations are performing, and help to identify any gaps.


We can then work with you to flex and expand any services which are required, giving you far more control of your network performance in the future.

expereoOne gives you an accurate inventory of your orders, deliveries, site details, incidents, tickets and invoices. So you can keep track of your spending and performance, as well as your services.

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