June 30, 2022 | 5 min read
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How the expereoOne platform is enhancing customer satisfaction

Simos Mikelatos

Senior Digital Product Manager

Providing the best support and services for your customers is key to driving business growth and attaining success. This is because customers expect speedy, streamlined service that gets them results.

Don’t just take our word for it. According to a survey commissioned by Khoros , a massive 83% of customers feel more loyal to companies that are able to respond and resolve their complaints. More than half of these customers also stated that a poor service experience caused them to move to another brand.1

So what is needed for driving customer experience and satisfaction? One solution is providing online self-service tooling. Why? In the modern day, customers want to be in control. At the same time, their service expectations are rising daily. A self-service solution is therefore the only way to meet customer expectations, and since most clients are more than ready for self-service, there’s no better time to use it to your advantage.

Yet, despite the accelerated growth of digital technologies and the increased number of customers engaging with more channels for service than ever before, they are still finding it difficult to navigate and resolve customer service issues. Take how Northridge Group’s 2021 State of Customer Service Experience report found that 73% of customers have to wait a long time to reach an agent while two-thirds (66%) have difficulty accessing live/human customer support. According to the study, this has meant that because more than half of customers are having to make multiple contacts to resolve issues, customer effort increases as satisfaction and loyalty decline.2

There are clearly numerous gaps in customer service expectations, ease and accessibility, which is creating disappointment linked to a lack of usability and response. This is why we built expereo.one, a platform designed to help customers gain visibility and control of their services. As a company, Expereo connects people, places, and things - anywhere - by managing internet performance better than anyone else, and our platform is at the center of this; reinforcing our goal to offer the best support, experience and immediacy to our customers. In doing so, we hope to completely change the way the networking industry works.

In this article, we’ll highlight some of the main features of our expereo.one platform as well as our vision and what we hope to achieve with the platform in the future.

expereo.one: a closer look

The expereo.one platform can be considered a breakthrough in the industry thanks to its ability to help organizations gain insights about their products and services. We built it to consolidate all relevant information and analytics, with services, sites and open cases centralized and displayed at a glance. This means businesses can easily view the health of their network, track orders, check the status of incidents and more; there’s no time wasted searching for reports or excel files.

 We provide businesses and users with real-time insights into their network performance in a single, user-friendly dashboard. The platform will give you complete transparency while being able to manage your WAN more efficiently. Here, you’ll have a full overview of your Internet and SD-WAN services, be able to view the status of your Internet, create and reply to Support Cases, view real-time maintenance information and affected services, and analyze your network with real-time analytics.

And because the expereo.one API allows you to integrate your software or own app with our platform, you can search and manage at scale, integrate with your own systems and even automate your processes.

Lastly, the expereo.one platform features proactive support. In the event of a service outage, we will automatically open a ticket, send you a notification, and manage service remediation, so you don’t have to chase the status of a system failure or drawback.

What’s next for expereo.one

We are continuously developing expereo.one to increase the visibility, control and security of your network services. We are focused on integrating a host of new features through the latest innovation, for example, intelligently correlating your SD-WAN network with your Global Internet and seeing how they perform in one simple overview, managing your deliveries and understanding how secure your network is. Moreover, you’ll be able to view all aspects of your network and be able to set up your own alerts as well as manage who and how you will be receiving those alerts.

For example, if you need more bandwidth, you shouldn’t need to wait for days before signing a new upgrade of your service. We will make the upgrade journey seamless and easy, by allowing you to track – in real-time - all of your orders, see where there are issues and resolve them immediately without having to play e-mail ping pong trying to resolve these issues. You’ll also be able to measure the performance of your network from different areas of the world in real-time. Super simple and easy.

Moving forward, our platform will be the linking pin between the customers' business and their network. We envision a world where everyone will be able to buy, track, manage, configure, use, get support and pay for their network services fully online via one platform.

By doing all the above, we hope to take the pressure off your support teams by providing proactive and immediate customer service. After all, customer service is our number one priority, and if you can provide the level of service that customers desire, you’ll be rewarded with the best gift of all: their loyalty.

To learn more about how our expereo.one platform can give your business better insights and control and security, click on the button below.

Simos Mikelatos

Senior Digital Product Manager

Senior Digital Product Manager

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