October 11, 2017
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Using Enhanced Internet to route around network performance issues

Enhanced Internet was deployed to automatically route around any network performance issues, while load balancing allowed IOFlood to add more carriers for a more robust network with confidence in their performance and zero data overages. 

The challenge

IOFlood faced three main challenges: 

  1. 1. Low customer satisfaction due to recurring network performance issues 
  1. 2. They were using premium carriers without getting premium performance 
  1. 3. Data overages were creating unexpected costs 

Their pains

As IOFlood added carriers, it became increasingly difficult to balance their usage manually and stay within paid bandwidth commitments.  

Enhanced Internet makes it possible for IOFlood to have a more robust network with more carriers, without incurring costs for avoidable overages – and without paying someone to babysit the traffic balance. 

The solution

Before Enhanced Internet, IOFlood just didn’t have enough network data to manually mitigate issues such as packet loss across different carriers. Even with a single ISP, they would see some subnets with packet loss via Carrier A, and other subnets with packet loss via Carrier B, and then 15 minutes later they would see the reverse.  

In most cases, the issues would shift before they could even identify the cause or solution. Now as they watch the Enhanced Internet control panel, they see that all these kinds of routing issues are solved instantly. 

The impact

IOFlood have freed up a tremendous amount of staff time and reduced customer network complaints to near zero.  

What few complaints they have left are mostly the normal kind of false positives and user error type of issues. It’s also more about capabilities and confidence, IOFlood now have total confidence that the blend of transit links they have chosen across their network is going to work, which means they can focus on growth markets and growth initiatives to improve their business. 

“The most important metric, whether or not customers are happy with the network, has been miles better since we implemented XCA Edge.”

Gabriel Ramuglia
President at IOFlood

Customer Profile

IOFlood.com was founded in 2009 with a simple idea: That entrepreneurs should be able to rent servers from people who actually care about them and their data. If you’re a business owner who manages your own servers, who has the occasional question or special request, and you want to do business with someone who understands your needs, IOFlood is for you. Through their lineup of unmanaged dedicated server offerings, IOFlood provides infrastructure as a Service from their Tier III data center in Phoenix, Arizona. They have their own on-site staff, run their own network, and wouldn’t have it any other way 

Are you looking for route optimization solutions for your data and traffic? 

Wherever you need to get connected and whatever type of networks fit best, we can help you build a more responsive, productive and resilient infrastructure. 

Get in touch today and we’ll find a solution that suits your needs. 

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