At Expereo, people are at the heart of everything we do and we strive to help them achieve their full potential and boost their creativity. We encourage the professional development and innovation but we also ensure a wonderful place to work were respect, honesty and integrity preside.

Diversity and Inclusion is our strength

Cultural diversity is what makes us thrive. We are a global organization with people coming from all over the world. Different experiences, different ways of thinking, different cultures. This diversity makes  people  creative, and brings new ideas to the company which in turn, extends to our customers.

With so many different nationalities and cultures, we include and embrace everyone regardless of race, religion, background, age, sexual orientation, physical condition.

We have over 40 different nationalities working in our Headquarters only and many more in our offices spread around the world.







Professional development

To Select only the best professionals, is not enough. We are committed to developing our people, to support them, and encourage them to develop and advance their skills.

We encourage an open dialogue between employees and management. We listen to their concerns, ideas, and answer to their questions.

We care about our people

Being a people-centric company, we care about keeping our people healthy and environmentally conscious. Therefore we organize different fun and educational activities throughout the year.

Expereo Health Day

Our annual Expereo Health Day creates awareness around our People’s health and mental wellbeing. We host several talks and events at our offices around the globe, each with different topics based on our SDGs.

In 2019 we organized our first Vitality Week in all our offices around the world.

In 2020, we hosted a one-day event remotely while working from home due to the global health situation.

We also organized sessions of workouts, yoga and zumba so we all stay fit while working from home.

Expereo Green Day

To celebrate our commitment to helping the Planet, we host our annual Expereo Green Day worldwide every autumn. Over the day, we build enthusiasm and create awareness around the environment by focusing on different topics from our SDGs.

In 2019 we invited Cisco and Closing The Loop to educate and inspire our employees with their projects and activities about sustainability.