CO2 Offset initiative.


We are currently working with the Climate Neutral Group to help offset our carbon footprint from all of our company’s international travel. Our current project invests in the manufacturing, distribution, and sales of efficient cookstoves in Uganda, thereby helping the local community and improving access to cleaner, healthier, more cost-effective cooking methods.

Climate and Environment Impact

The stoves’ efficient combustion system decreases wood and charcoal use by 50%.

This means:
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Fights against deforestation
  • Combats climate change by reducing the emission of CO2


In 2019, Expereo compensated CO2 Emissions on all business flights across Europe.

Future plans

Over the next three years, Expereo plans to compensate all company flights worldwide starting with Singapore in 2020 and The Americas and Dubai in 2021.

See how this project improves the health and life of the society in Uganda