Sustainable mobile phone initiative.

We are currently working with Closing The Loop to help achieve our sustainability goals by recycling our mobile devices across the company. For every new mobile device purchased for our staff, the team at Closing The Loop will collect and responsibly recycle a scrap phone from the developing world – thereby ‘closing the loop’.

Why we do this?

  • Environmental Benefits – CTL have enabled the waste-free reuse of over 70,000 devices.
  • Offset Material Footprint – Creates a unique and appealing story on green procurement and circularity.
  • Increase Local Economy – CTL has turned 2.5 million African scrap phones into local income.


In 2019, Expereo compensated a mobile phone for each Expereo employee worldwide.

Future plans

Over the next few years, Expereo plans to continue to compensate phones. We will do this by estimating the number of (new) employees and the renewal of mobile phones each year.