WAN Optimization.

Expereo connects your global network footprint through a single platform for efficient connectivity, expandable reach, and powerful performance.


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High latency and packet loss

Network latency provides a measurement of round-trip time (RTT) for a data packet, while packet loss describes the ability to deliver some but not all of these data packets between network endpoints. Both high levels of latency and packet loss can cause long delays and network bottlenecks.

Poor User Experience

Many organizations have branches all over the world but when these are in remote locations far from the company headquarters, user experience can deteriorate. When these issues occur, acquiring user support may prove challenging as well.

Unpredictable Performance

Your cloud network connects multiple data points and requires trained IT staff to make sense of the information and take action. These represent additional costs for your organization to cover in order to maintain and manage their cloud network.

Fast. Reliable. Scalable.

WAN Optimization is a distributed set of cloud-based SD-WAN gateways interconnected with an SDN overlay
network for optimizing SaaS traffic and access to public and private clouds. Designed for seamless network transformation
away from MPLS.

  • SD-WAN Gateways
  • Global IP Core
  • Enhanced Internet
  • Cloud Connect

SD-WAN Gateway

Provide a hosted solution for regional traffic aggregation and cloud on-ramp. Our SD-WAN gateways deliver network services to and from the cloud via service insertion and enable your organisation to scale with network-as-a-service flexibility.


WAN Optimization

Accelerate WAN Performance

Connect your private networks across multiple regions over IP with the same performance but more flexibility and scalability.

Reduce Global Footprint

Bring your networks virtually closer to all major cloud providers through our distributed SD-WAN Gateways – saving you the need to deploy your own PoP near them.

Increase Scalability

Simplify your network infrastructure with Expereo’s hosted SD-Wan gateways. Consolidate your traffic using a reliable platform.


Gain easy access with
Expereo Connectivity

For Branches:

A variety of last mile options deliver a customized internet access solution

For Data Centres:

A cross-connect for a direct connection

For Remote Users:

Zero-trust network access using laptops, tablets, and smartphones


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A managed network means a manageable business. Expereo’s Managed Network Service keeps its eyes and ears on your network traffic from the cloud, 24/7/365. People, devices, applications, data. Every interaction, authentication, and transaction checked and okayed, bringing all the benefits of the most secure walled-garden network to your far-flung, world-spanning organisation. Why not add the Expereo team to your team?


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