January 31, 2024 | 5 min read
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How can Enhanced Internet strengthen your company’s productivity, growth and profitability?

Expereo team

In our last blog, we introduced the core challenges for enterprises when trying to realize value from cloud transformation projects. But what impact can poor application performance have when it comes to your business growth, resilience and revenue?

90% of organizations have unexpectedly lost access to critical systems and nearly a third deal with downtime issues every month. Consistently slow application performance can quickly turn into a huge problem for your mission-critical IT operations. IT teams will be less efficient as instead of instead of improving on infrastructure, they will have to contend with problems like:

  • Application downtime.
  • Slow performance.
  • User queries.

Poor application performance can directly hinder your business competitiveness. Modern enterprises are fast-paced, so you need digital platforms and applications that enable you to respond quickly to opportunities and counter threats. Without reliable, fast access to information, your people and business can be left a step behind your competitors.

Your customers expect fast access to applications too and will leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. If yours are unresponsive because of congestion, then you may lose their business in seconds.

This can also cause long-term reputational damage. Picture this: a customer is relying on you and your application fails. They may see you as unreliable for good and go to your competitor instead.

What’s the key to solving poor application performance?

Overcoming these application challenges is central to your business success. And there are multiple ways to solve them.

Option 1: Leave it to your IT teams to respond to every complaint and failure. This is not ideal as value-add projects may get overshadowed by time spent just keeping your applications running smoothly.

Option 2: Identify a way to boost application performance by enhancing the network itself.

Here at Expereo, we’ve developed Enhanced Internet, a solution that improves application performance at the network level. Our software routes your Internet traffic via the best-performing path available in the locations where your cloud applications are hosted. We do this in real-time to maximize the value of your cloud investments and avoid traffic congestion problems that cause slow applications and downtime .

How it works:

  • Continuous performance and availability monitoring of the available traffic paths via our AI software.
  • Mapping of the best available routes to improve performance metrics such as latency and packet loss.
  • Proactive identification of the best path to transmit your traffic to deliver continuous high performance and smooth application experiences.

How can Expereo’s Enhanced Internet help you boost productivity, growth and performance?

It intelligently and continually optimizes how your cloud application traffic is routed across all available Internet networks in each region. Consequently, your business can leave congestion and poor application performance behind.

We future-proof your Internet infrastructure. Laying the foundation for better ROI from cloud and IT investments while helping you realize a host of benefits to your experiences and bottom line, including:

  1. 1. Better employee and customer experiences

With applications that operate quickly, your employees can work faster and more efficiently. Furthermore, fewer complaints from poor performance means more time spent serving customers. Customers get smoother digital experiences to navigate your platforms and transact with ease, increasing conversions and your profitability.

  1. 2. Improved operational efficiency

Your Internet performance and routing is managed for you in the best way possible by AI. So you can reallocate network management resources to other areas of the business. IT teams can focus on developing ways to increase revenue or cut IT costs, contributing to a more growth-driven operation.

  1. 3. Business resilience and visibility

Unless there is a catastrophic line or infrastructure failure, our Enhanced Internet solution enables up to 100% destination availability for your business. That means mission-critical operations don’t go down except in extreme circumstances, adding resilience to your sites and giving you more confidence to invest and grow where you need to.

We’ll help you take advantage of growth opportunities with fast deployment and management of your network infrastructure that meets the needs of each location. You won’t be held back by uncertainty. Instead you can build an IT function that’s fit for what your business wants to achieve.

What makes Expereo’s Enhanced Internet offering different?

Enterprise network management is a complex business. If you don’t have strong application performance, your IT teams spend too much time in the weeds focusing on resolving complaints or problems.

Finding time to manage and implement better network solutions and practices becomes more difficult and you can be left behind by smarter, more agile competitors.

However, with Expereo’s Enhanced Internet you can improve user experiences, optimize cloud performance and the effectiveness of your applications at a global scale. Enhanced Internet is different because:

  • We’re continually improving the Internet at a global level, to enhance application experiences and accelerate agility with a self-healing network.
  • It is not a private network or tunneling solution - it’s the only offering that can deliver the flexibility and resilience of using the global Internet network.
  • Optimization, dynamic routing and comprehensive visibility transforms traditional Internet experiences for better performing applications, better user experiences and reliable consistency.
  • Used alongside our intelligent network management solution, expereoOne, you can see every network down to site level, with comprehensive insights to help you control your costs and performance.

How else could Enhanced Internet improve your business performance? Download our latest whitepaper and see

If you’re looking for more information about the business benefits of Enhanced Internet as a way to improve your application performance, team productivity, and see more revenue opportunities, our latest whitepaper explores our solution in more detail. You can read it in full here.

But if you’re ready to talk to Expereo about using our Enhanced Internet solution to improve application performance and free up your teams for more growth opportunities, get in touch today.

Wherever you need to get connected and whatever type of networks fit best, we can help you build a more responsive, productive and resilient infrastructure.


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