May 15, 2023 | 5 min read
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Expereo. Faster to the Future

Ben Elms

Chief Executive Officer

For the past 19 years, Expereo has brought easy global access, visibility and control of internet connectivity to our customers. We’ve seen many changes, new innovations, new technologies and rapid growth.  We are committed to delivering the intelligent internet allowing people, places and things to be connected across the world. Today we are proud to unveil our refreshed brand identity that reflects our ongoing commitment to be a leading global managed services provider ensuring our customers have consolidated connectivity, for total control. 

Our new visual identity reflects our redefined strategy, focused solely on the future of global connectivity and how to help multi-national enterprises succeed in the hyperconnected world of the future.  The refreshed logo encapsulates how we see our partnership with our customers, suppliers and partners: a bridge to move us all to the future in order to excel in the digital world.  

If you’ve been through this process within your own organisation, you’ll know that it is a far more comprehensive process than a new logo. We’ve reviewed and redesigned everything from our go-to-market strategy and how we sell, through to how we serve our customers and continue to provide a world-class customer experience.  And this is just the beginning…

From our global enterprise to yours

Like our customers, we are a global enterprise that has required rapid scaling driven by both organic growth and acquisition. We have therefore developed our business to deliver digital services both internally and externally to ensure a better employee and  customer experience. We’ve ensured all our processes are standardised, moving away from legacy systems and processes; and we are committed to continually innovating, automating and building great technology to ensure we have a unique offering that delivers for our customers. 

Building for the future

Since our conception in 2004, we have seen a dramatic shift in the way that global businesses operate. As technologies evolved, so did the solutions that businesses use to connect their global operations. However, time stands still for no-one. 

A dynamic global economy driven by digital technologies is accelerating the push towards a hyperconnected future. To succeed in this rapidly evolving business environment, the digital enterprise of today needs a powerful, flexible enterprise network built for the future – one that is capable of connecting the universe of people, places and things, wherever in the world organisations are doing business. 

But it can be a complex task. The breakneck speed of technological advances, pandemics, global economic pressures, an increasing threat landscape and complex regulatory environments can make it challenging to reap the rewards technology advances can deliver. That’s where we come in.

Global connectivity for global growth

We know that CIOs face a myriad of challenges when it comes to global connectivity. The increasing reliance on cloud services, high-bandwidth applications and the need for real-time data analytics all pose new challenges for businesses as they strive to maintain an effective and reliable network infrastructure. With the rise of remote workforces and ever-increasing threat landscape, the dependency on robust, secure connectivity has never been more essential.

According to our own independently commissioned survey of global CIOs, businesses’ ambitions to work globally are hindered by many technology-related challenges. The research, to be fully launched in June, found that nearly half of CIOs (46%) are planning to deliver global growth in the next 12 months by expanding into new markets and that 47% believe establishing and managing global connectivity is the single most critical factor in ensuring success when it comes to that global expansion. However, over a third (37%) of respondents said that effectively establishing connectivity in new regions is one of the major challenges in their role and in fact their organisation.

There is a clear global connectivity gap that needs to be overcome to deliver global growth and to power the digital enterprise of the future.

Bridging the gap

We help businesses overcome these challenges with our cloud-native global managed network solutions. The globally connected enterprise demands a high level of expertise in network management, procurement, and technical support, and Expereo delivers on all fronts.

We are particularly proud of expereoOne, our unique software, that enables businesses to have complete control over their global network. With visibility of an organisations entire estate, expereoOne enables business decisions in real time, across multiple platforms, applications, and locations.  Managing networks has never been so easy.  We simplify, automate and scale for our customers in a way that is truly unrivalled in the market. 

Faster to the Future. Together 

Today’s news reflects our commitment to our customers, proven expertise in managed global network solutions and our unique ability to deliver the best possible service to global enterprises and industries worldwide.

We hope you agree that our enhanced brand identity aligns with our mission to provide managed network solutions that tackle the most complex problems businesses face in today's reality. We are excited about what moving Faster to the Future means for us all. We hope you are too.

For more information on the Expereo story and what this means for global organisations CLICK HERE to join us on LinkedIn Live where I discuss this with Expereo’s very own CIO Jean-Philippe Avelange and Omdia’s Brian Washburn.

Ben Elms

Chief Executive Officer

Ben brings more than 20 years of operational expertise and leadership in the telecommunications industry. Before joining Expereo, Ben led the Vodafone Global Enterprise business as Group Director Chief Executive Officer.

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