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Why Global Internet connectivity is crucial for modern enterprises

Expereo team

For businesses operating across multiple regions, reliable Global Internet connectivity is crucial. Similarly, for enterprises looking to expand their reach, seamless and high-quality Internet access is critical to facilitating communication, supporting cloud-based applications, and ensuring smooth operations across diverse geographical locations. Aside from regional expansion, the need to digitally transform business also requires robust Internet connectivity to harness the full potential of emerging technologies.

But you need to know where the opportunities are when it comes to Global Internet connectivity for modern enterprises, as well as the challenges you face. However, we’ll also provide a comprehensive overview of why investing in such infrastructure is indispensable with the solutions that can support your business’ connectivity needs.

Understanding the importance of Global Internet connectivity

We’ve broken down the different areas that Global Internet connectivity can really lend itself to into three parts:

Supporting business operations

Global Internet connectivity is the backbone of modern business operations. It supports everything from day-to-day administrative tasks to critical business functions such as customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP). 

Without reliable Internet access, businesses would struggle to maintain productivity and efficiency. Moreover, global connectivity allows for streamlined processes and real-time data synchronization across different branches of a company, enabling cohesive and coordinated operations. 

This connectivity allows you to integrate your different business systems and cloud applications, ensuring that information flows seamlessly across departments and locations. This allows you to enhance decision-making and operational agility.

Enabling virtual communication and collaboration

In an era where virtual communications are the norm, robust Internet connectivity is critical to maintaining a connected and cohesive experience.

Whether it's video conferencing with international clients, coordinating with remote teams, or providing customer support, seamless Internet connectivity ensures that communication is uninterrupted for a good user experience.  

Enhanced communication capabilities lead to:

  • Better collaboration between interregional teams.
  • Increased innovation.
  • Responsiveness across your organization. 

Additionally, reliable Internet connectivity supports advanced communication tools and platforms offering features like instant messaging, file sharing, and collaborative workspaces. These further improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business communication.

Ensuring reliable access to cloud-based applications

The scalability and flexibility offered by cloud solutions enable businesses to adapt quickly to changing demands and market conditions. Moreover, cloud-based applications provide access to advanced tools and resources that can drive innovation and competitive advantage. 

Reliable Internet connectivity ensures that these applications are always accessible and perform optimally. From storing data in cloud servers to utilizing software as a service (SaaS) platforms, Global Internet connectivity ensures that enterprises can leverage the full potential of cloud technologies. 

Challenges in establishing and managing Global Internet connectivity

It’s clear that establishing strong, reliable Internet connectivity across your enterprise has many benefits, but it can be complicated when enacted across multiple regions. 

Here are the three main challenges of a Do-It-Yourself approach to Global Internet:

Regulatory compliance is different from region to region

It can be challenging navigating the different Internet usage, data privacy, and cybersecurity regulations from one country. Effective regulatory compliance requires a deep understanding of local laws and the ability to implement robust security measures that align with these regulations.

What’s more, non-compliance with these regulations can lead to significant legal and financial repercussions. For instance, the Data Protection Act (PDPA) in Singapore or the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe imposes strict data privacy rules that businesses must adhere to.

However, compliance and regulatory requirements are never static. Companies must continuously monitor and adapt to new regulations to avoid penalties and ensure smooth operations. 

Internet service disparity

Internet quality and speed can vary significantly between regions and you may have to contend with different levels of infrastructure development. This can affect the reliability and speed of Internet connections.

Inconsistent Internet service can hinder business performance, especially for activities that require real-time data exchange or high-bandwidth applications. This disparity can lead to:

  • Reduced productivity.
  • Poor user experiences. 
  • Differing performance standards between regions

Addressing these disparities often requires detailed knowledge of each Internet Service Provider, the network, and peering as well as significant investment in technology and infrastructure to ensure all locations have access to high-quality Internet services.

Complex vendor management

Coordinating multiple Internet service providers (ISPs) and service providers for global coverage is complex and time-consuming. Managing different contracts, service levels, and points of contact can lead to inefficiencies in your Global Internet connectivity and increased operational costs. 

Additionally, different service providers may offer different levels of performance and reliability, which can result in service disruptions and inconsistencies that impact smooth business operations. 

Effective vendor management requires a strategic approach that includes rigorous vendor selection, continuous performance monitoring, and the ability to negotiate favorable terms and conditions. 

Four solutions for overcoming connectivity challenges

While the challenges facing Global Internet connectivity may be daunting, there are many solutions available to help you overcome them and keep your business connected and thriving.

Solution 1: Managed internet services

Providers, like Expereo, offer managed Internet services that ensure high-quality business Internet service worldwide. By handling everything from installation to maintenance, these providers alleviate the burden on enterprise technology leaders like you, allowing you to focus on your core operations. 

Managed services offer consistent performance, reliability, and compliance with local regulations. These services offer a comprehensive solution that includes network design, implementation, monitoring, and support. Additionally, managed Internet services can provide scalable solutions that grow with the business, offering flexibility and adaptability.

Solution 2: Implementing advanced technologies

Enhanced Internet: Enhanced Internet uses AI to proactively predict and identify how the available networks are performing, then routes traffic across the best-performing network path to the required destination. It is designed to improve the performance of the Internet at a global level to support productivity and realize business success.

SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network): SD-WAN improves connectivity by intelligently routing traffic across the most efficient connections. It enhances network resilience and provides a cost-effective solution for managing Global Internet connectivity. SD-WAN also offers better control and application visibility, allowing enterprises to manage their resources more effectively. 

Businesses can, for example, optimize their application performance by dynamically selecting the best-performing connection based on real-time conditions to ensure maximum performance and reliability. 

Additionally, SD-WAN provides enhanced security features like encryption and threat detection to protect sensitive data and ensure compliance with security standards.

Solution 3: Deploying network visibility and monitoring tools

By providing real-time insights, network monitoring tools allow enterprises to detect and resolve issues promptly, ensuring that Internet performance remains optimal. These tools help to proactively manage the network, reducing downtime, and enhancing overall business productivity. 

Additionally, you can use network visibility tools to provide additional insights and automatically action events identified by monitoring tools, enhancing the experience for enterprise. Explore Expereo’s Intelligent Internet platform, expereoOne.

The strategic importance of investing in global connectivity solutions

With the opportunities, challenges (and their solutions) of Global Internet connectivity, it’s important to understand where it can support your overall business strategy.

Increased operational efficiency

With robust global connectivity solutions, enterprises can:

  • Operate more effectively 
  • Respond swiftly to market changes and customer demands. 
  • Streamline processes
  • Reduce operational costs, 
  • Improve overall efficiency. 

Moreover, reliable Internet connectivity allows businesses to implement innovative technologies and practices that drive growth and competitiveness in the global market.

Ensure competitiveness

Investment in high-quality connectivity solutions empowers enterprises to maintain a competitive edge and drive growth.

For example, reliable connectivity supports the adoption of digital transformation initiatives, enabling businesses to stay ahead of industry trends and respond quickly to emerging opportunities. 

Additionally, robust Internet infrastructure enhances the company's reputation and credibility, attracting customers and partners who value reliability and performance.

Go faster to the future with Global Internet connectivity 

Global Internet connectivity is crucial for modern enterprises to thrive in an interconnected world. Despite the challenges of regulatory compliance, service disparity, and vendor management, solutions like managed Internet services and SD-WAN, combined with network visibility tools like Expereo’s Intelligent Internet platform, expereoOne, can help businesses overcome these hurdles. 

To learn more about how Expereo's Global Internet solutions can support your business's international operations, contact us today.


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