February 03, 2023 | 2 min read
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How Expereo.One Empowers Accessibility within Cloud Infrastructure

Sander Barens

Chief Product Officer

As enterprise companies around the globe shift their technology strategies to the cloud, so also grows the volume of data being created and shared. With cloud connectivity comes global access to applications and fully connected employees. There is, however, another step to success in the cloud: empowering proper data science teams to implement and manage this data, and in our case, providing the all-in-one solution to help your business thrive.

The current landscape of cloud connectivity

Access is not enough. Enterprises must also give their employees and customers the ability to make strategic decisions empowered by the cloud – this is known as Accessibility.

The benefits of moving your strategic technology efforts to the cloud are numerous. Among them are the agility to make decisions and implement changes in real time, as well as power to impact cost-effectiveness within a distributed workforce, ensuring collaboration continues to happen across teams from different geographical locations.

Moving your solutions to the cloud also comes with challenges, though. The ones we hear about most from customers are lack of visibility across their solutions and the needed manpower to manage the data being created. This can include proprietary SD-WAN solutions, MPLS networks, and services that assist in management of IT help desk tickets, among other applications. On the front side of cloud migration, it is impossible for enterprise companies to know what their customer experience truly looks like while their solutions are in such a fragmented state. This brings us to the core purpose of Expereo.One.

Expereo.One provides insights, usability and simplicity 

What you see, you ultimately understand. Expereo.One is a unique platform, providing you visibility of your network infrastructure estate, underlay, overlay and its performance down to the individual site level.

The sheer amount of data being created is rising year-over-year, so we sought to develop a solution to help our customers interpret this data without the excessive manpower that is historically needed, or the expertise to manage various products and solutions. 

One thing is clear within the realm of cloud computing: Each business’s needs are unique and require a different approach as it relates to global communication, data sharing and collection, and reporting. So instead of focusing on the global amount of data that exists today, we remain focused on each customer’s needs and how we can meet them.

Expereo.One can be utilized however the customer would like to focus it – whether that be on underlying infrastructure and individual applications, or on performance, offering a high-level view of the quality of your user experience overall. From a single pane of glass you get to see all the information about your estate in one place. Open cases, review status of cases, manage invoices, see performance statistics, and be in a position to make real-time decisions. Real business-impacting decisions.  With Expereo.one you are in total control. Whenever you want it from any device.   

Once customers have onboarded Expereo.One and have access to that high-level visibility, it becomes much easier to view your organization’s processes from the top down and start to make proactive decisions instead of reactive ones. These timely insights can allow teams to make real-time decisions on the ground floor of the business.

These automation enhancements can empower teams to become more efficient by executing tasks such as addressing internet performance issues before users are forced to come in contact with them. This creates a better overall user experience and also relieves IT teams from constantly managing  internal tickets and cases.

Beyond Expereo.One, we are continuing to innovate and create complementary  technologies to enhance the internet experience beyond just managing data and analyzing metrics, further providing data scientists, engineers, and IT staff with one unified solution to manage their technologies across the cloud.

The goal at the end of the day is ensuring that your infrastructure is supporting business needs and goals. So whether you want to view a global traffic overview of your business, or obtain detailed site and application metrics, Expereo.One can track that data for you and present it within a centralized, easy-to-comprehend dashboard.

Sander Barens

Chief Product Officer


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