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How we use customer feedback to build and evolve

Henry Ford put it best, “It has been thought that business existed for profit. That is wrong. Business exists for service.” Expereo couldn’t agree more as the customer experience is a key pillar on which our company is built. 

In fact, the customer experience—and customer feedback—has provided, and continues to provide, the focus for the development of, a flagship platform offered by Expereo. is a digital platform that’s the result of years of customer engagement and feedback evaluated during product innovation initiatives. Together with our customers, we built to put all of the essential data and metrics required to manage your entire network more efficiently on a single platform. Simply put, it provides a holistic view of your Expereo services, delivering full visibility and control over data traffic and application performance in one place. 

While provides valuable insight into your global network at a glance, including costs, order status, app usage, invoices, overlay and underlay, the value and importance placed on user feedback is quite possibly the biggest point of difference when compared to competing platforms. We set out to develop a solution that saves you precious time, resources, and reduces costs–especially as you grow and have more to manage–and put customer input and experiences at the center of the development process. Let’s take a deep dive to uncover exactly how critical our customers are to this process:

Leveraging your feedback for a better platform

Actively engaging with customers to better understand your experience and collect feedback is a critical part of the journey toward platform enrichment. And what a journey it has been.

Once the foundation of was built, the Expereo team spent a year and a half gathering feedback from portal users—feedback like “Why can I only export 100 services?” or “How can I view all the services that have an issue?” We discovered that users found the old portal disjointed and didn’t provide a holistic overview of your network’s health—they had services, support tickets and analytics, but those were not well connected with each other—the new updates take this feedback into account to provide a more comprehensive and cohesive user experience with each platform iteration.

We examined different personas and experiences—for example, a business development team member or support person—and created dashboards around those personas so that with just a click, individuals in those roles would have everything they needed at their fingertips. Visualization of the data on a single screen eliminated the time spent searching for and collating data, and facilitated decision-making. That’s something other solutions simply don’t offer.  

Turning feedback into actions

We constantly remind and encourage our customers to share their feedback and experience with us to help guide our development efforts. In fact, the platform has an internal ideas portal that’s the epicenter of our customer feedback. It’s here that Expereo customer success teams and others in the company can add ideas and vote on topics. Another great feature is that if an Expereo team member gets a suggestion from a customer, e.g., they want to view the SLA availability on the website, then the Expereo representative can add that feedback on behalf of the customer. Yet it’s not only through salespeople that we receive feedback, but also via Net Promoter Score (NPS). In NPS, we have a specific section for feedback. Also, on the portal, we have a widget where we ask customers if they have any feedback, which is then fed into the ideas portal. 

An example of a new feature that came about from customer feedback is the ability for customers to add their own reference number for service. While we give them our service IDs, they also wanted their own references that they have in their own systems on the ticket. It was a small change that increased the customer’s satisfaction and is just one example of how we actively look to support our customers with next-level service. 

Next steps

The ideas portal is helping to inform what’s next with Recently, we received suggestions on enabling customers to set up their own notifications and alerts which would be triggered when usage for a service exceeds a certain threshold. This capability is currently being considered for a future build out.

At Expereo, we’re always listening to our customers and value their insight as we grow and expand our offerings. We welcome the input from our customers and internal team as it helps us build an even greater customer experience. And as Henry Ford said, customer service is what it’s all about.


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