April 25, 2024 | 5 min read
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Navigating APAC infrastructure: Key considerations for businesses

Eric Wong

While the past few years have proved a difficult economic environment for some businesses and industries around the world, here in APAC there are many enterprises that have been on a different path, growing substantially in that timeframe. Indeed, research now suggests that our region will contribute to 60% of the worlds GDP growth in 2024.

We are currently in the midst of an unprecedented APAC infrastructure boom, largely fueled by rapid urbanization, population growth and economic development. Many multinational businesses are now, as a result, using the opportunities presented by this to expand their factories, hubs, and teams into the region to benefit from more strategic sites, local expertise and a growing pool of global talent.

Ultimately, this shift represents more than just a relocation of physical assets; it signifies a move towards harnessing the region’s immense potential. But success requires more than just setting up shop; it demands a comprehensive approach that encompasses technology, adaptability, and foresight. However, there are a few areas that businesses must perfect to drive growth in the region.

Supply chain optimization

As businesses continue to expand their presence both in APAC and across the globe, it’s vital they rethink their supply chain strategies APAC infrastructure with future resilience in mind.

The disruptions caused by the global pandemic served as a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities associated with traditional supply chain models. Moving forward, businesses need to adopt a more agile and adaptable approach, leveraging technology to build resilient supply chains that are capable of withstanding unforeseen disruptions.

Success here lies in diversifying sourcing strategies. Organizations that partner with entities that truly understand the local business environment and APAC infrastructure they operate in will have a strategic advantage when it comes to optimizing growth. We’re currently seeing the greatest success in those businesses that are leveraging data-driven insights. Not only does this help businesses to mitigate risks, but also provides them with the opportunities to strike strategic partnerships with suppliers and logistics partners.

By embracing flexibility and innovation, companies can enhance their ability to navigate uncertainty and capitalize on growth opportunities in the dynamic APAC market. Data-driven insights are pivotal in this regard, as they empower businesses to adapt swiftly to changing market conditions, identify emerging trends, and tailor their strategies accordingly.

Not only does this approach foster agility, but it also enables companies to stay ahead of the curve, allowing them to make more informed decisions in the evolving landscape.

Connectivity is once again key in this new APAC infrastructure

Today, it goes without saying that it’s vital for business leaders to consider the role of connectivity solutions in contributing to business success. The mission-critical operations needed to run a business require a strong, robust connectivity quality.

Business continuity is at risk if exceptional connectivity does not exist at all times. And at the same time, global connectivity solutions allow for the designing and building of data centers in critical locations.

This trend was reflected in our Enterprise Horizons 2023 research of over 650 global CIOs – with four in ten citing establishing effective and secure connectivity as a significant barrier to global expansion.

Reliable and efficient connectivity solutions are the lifeblood of modern businesses, enabling:

  • Seamless communication.
  • Data exchange.
  • Collaboration across geographically dispersed teams and facilities.

Whether it's ensuring uninterrupted access to cloud-based applications, optimizing supply chain visibility, or facilitating real-time decision-making, robust connectivity infrastructure is essential for maintaining uptime and maximizing productivity.

As companies expand their presence in APAC, investing in state-of-the-art digital infrastructure becomes not just a competitive advantage but a strategic imperative for sustainable growth.

Strategic insights for success in the new APAC infrastructure

Navigating the APAC infrastructure boom requires a strategic approach that balances short-term objectives with long-term sustainability. It is critical that businesses leaders prioritize investment in connectivity solutions while simultaneously re-evaluating their supply chain strategies to enhance resilience and adaptability.

Collaboration with local stakeholders, adoption of innovative technologies, and a commitment to sustainability are key pillars of success in the APAC market. By embracing change, leveraging opportunities, and strategically addressing challenges, businesses can position themselves as leaders in the dynamic landscape of the APAC infrastructure boom.

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Eric Wong

Eric Wong provides insights on delivering global connectivity in the APAC region as Regional Director, Head of Asia Pacific at Expereo.

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