May 30, 2023 | 5 min read
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The Future of CX: How Expereo is Driving Customer Experience in 2023

Amory Somers Vine

Director of Customer Experience

Since its conception in 2004, Expereo has strived to deliver easy global access, visibility and control over internet connectivity to customers. Two weeks ago, we unveiled our new brand identity focused on the future of global connectivity and how to help multi-national enterprises succeed in the hyperconnected world. As explained by our Chief Revenue Officer Ben Elms in his recent blog, our brand relaunch emphasises and enhances our commitment to our customers as we begin the process of bringing our redefined strategy to life, and achieving our goal of delivering business internet connectivity with complete visibility, better than anyone else.

As we embark on this next phase of our journey, it’s crucial that we demonstrate our commitment to continuous improvement to ensure we go above and beyond the needs of our customers. Having redefined almost every part of our business strategy, we have pinpointed three key areas of focus to guarantee we continue delivering world class customer service in 2023 and beyond.

1. Being brilliant at the basics

At Expereo we pride ourselves in being masters within our field. We’ve invested time and expertise in building a clear roadmap for our products and services and continually enhancing our product portfolio based on customer feedback and requirements, so that we can ensure the focus always remains on meeting the needs of our customers. 

Only recently we upgraded our unique platform, expereoOne to provide our customers with visibility of their network infrastructure and performance down to the individual site level. With the volume of data being created year on year rapidly rising, we sought to design and develop a solution to help our customers seamlessly access and interpret the data that supports them to manage their network estate. 

As part of our brand relaunch, we have also launched our brand new website and increased levels of communication with our customers, to enhance our customer service.

2. Making it easier to do business with us

As a business, we are dedicated to our ambition to deliver a consistent and simple digital experience for our customers.

We’re placing greater emphasis on automation to free our teams up for the aspects of our work that require a human touch. We’re continuing to improve our internal systems, consolidating our structured logical data and aligning processes, meaning we can continue to automate and enhance the way we serve our customers across all aspects of their journey. We are investing in speeding up and automating repetitive tasks, in order to increase the time for personal interactions with our customers. 

We will continue to invest in improvements in our systems and processes for quoting, service delivery and support. By improving how we respond to queries and placing an increased focus on getting things right the first time, we will be able to take ownership of our actions and deliver to our customers’ needs.

3. Empowering our employees to exceed customer expectations

Empowering our employees to deliver first class customer experience has always been top of our agenda at Expereo, and our recent brand launch demonstrates this. 

Through onboarding additional team members, adding focused service management and customer account roles, and enhancing skills development with a comprehensive training regime, we will continue to invest in our customer facing teams to help ensure they have the level of support required to deliver quality experiences to our customers. 

Throughout 2023, we look forward to further enhancing our commitment to offering a top-quality customer experience.  As we go Faster to the Future, our new brand identity truly encapsulates our commitment to building bridges to our customers in order to provide the services they need to succeed.

Amory Somers Vine

Director of Customer Experience

Amory is a CX leader who believes that great customer experiences are designed. She is passionate about building intentional CX management capabilities and practices that align employees, partners, processes, policies and technology around customers.

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