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What can you expect from onboarding the Expereo way?

Katie Simons

Global Head of Talent Acquisition

We’ve recently had a whole host of new starters (I’m now officially an OG) and it’s got me thinking about our onboarding process. Specifically, the how, what and why?

Our Talent Acquisition vision is to hire the right talent, with the right skills and attributes to deliver on Expereo’s ambitious growth plans. Ensuring that all candidates have a great experience from application to onboarding.

As we grow, there is a real focus on our candidate experience, especially post day 1. Our onboarding program is key to this, and it’s no surprise. Gartner states that; “Successful onboarding, can increase an employee's discretionary effort by more than 20% and drive employee performance by up to 15%. Furthermore, committed employees work 57% harder and are nine times less likely to leave.”

What goes into the Expereo onboarding process?

Creating an exceptional onboarding process involves thorough preparation, proactive engagement, and continuous support for both managers and new hires.

Prior to joining

Our managers are equipped with comprehensive training on company culture, policies, and best practices, along with tools and resources like checklists and onboarding packs. Prior to day one, we establish a buddy system and arrange informal pre-start connections, such as virtual coffee chats. These activities really help our new hires feel welcomed and integrated quickly.

The first day

One the first day itself, everyone receives a warm welcome, along with a personalized welcome kit (yes you do get some freebies!!), orientation sessions, and role-specific training sets the stage for a positive experience. Regular check-ins and structured schedules ensure our new hires receive the guidance and feedback they need.

Ongoing support

Ongoing support and development are crucial for sustaining a positive onboarding experience.

We encourage weekly check-ins during the first month, followed by monthly reviews which can help address any concerns and provide continuous feedback. Establishing a feedback loop allows new hires to share their experiences, facilitating improvements to the onboarding process. In fact, there is a six week check in with me, which includes a feedback survey to enable us to continuously improve.

Providing continuous training and discussing career growth opportunities help new hires develop within Expereo – setting clear foundations of a long career journey with us!

Here's what you can expect from your first 30 days at Expereo while onboarding;

What about onboarding for our fully remote employees?

We  encourage all our new starters to come into the office on their first day to pick up equipment, meet some of their new team members in person, and to get settled into Expereo life.

These face-to-face interactions help build personal connections, making it easier to establish comfortable communication channels via Teams.

As a global organization with teams spread across various locations, we excel at building relationships online and across time zones (after all it is what we do best!). Despite the occasional "You're on mute, Katie," we prioritize helping our fully remote employees build connections remotely, so they feel just as much a part of the team as in-office or hybrid team member.

Wherever you are, you will be assigned a buddy to ensure you feel supported from the start.

Why is onboarding so important at Expereo?

While we don't claim to be revolutionizing the onboarding process, we're constantly refining our approach. For us, it's crucial to set the tone for what you can expect from your career at Expereo.

Plus starting a new job is pretty challenging isn’t it?!

You have the hassle of tax codes, updating personal information, meeting new people, making new friends, and learning new systems. Our onboarding process is designed to make you feel welcome, included, and to minimize stress as much as possible.

It's also important for us to stay true to ourselves as a company and culture – there’s no sitting in a boardroom for five days with back-to-back presentations.

We want individuals to feel like they can have a long career with us, growing and developing skills. What’s so unique at Expereo is you can see where your contribution impacts the company as a whole. So you can feel fulfilled and see the impact you’re making in helping the company achieve its goals in real-time.  When employees go through structured onboarding, they are 58% more likely to remain with the organization after three years.

Ready to join a company that takes careers faster to the future?

Overall we come from many different backgrounds but we align as one to get customers connected faster. We encourage each team to work with an entrepreneurial mindset. Every one of us is empowered to try new ideas, fail fast and learn even quicker.

If you’re interested in a career with Expereo, check out our careers page to see our current vacancies.

Katie Simons

Global Head of Talent Acquisition


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