December 20, 2023
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Transforming sales and the customer experience with Salesforce

The challenge

Creating strong digital foundations to support business growth

Expereo helps enterprises across the globe achieve secure and reliable connectivity - the company provides 24/7 support in 13 languages to keep its customers connected. Owned by private equity firm Vitruvian Partners, Expereo currently works with 60% of the Fortune 500, but has doubled in size from 2022 to 2023, and has even stronger growth ambitions for the future.

To support its plans for growth while keeping its focus on the customer experience, Expereo needed to replace manual processes and Excel spreadsheets with standardized workflows and one platform for all of its customer data.  

How Salesforce helps

Streamlined sales and greater transparency increase enterprise deals 

Expereo now runs its entire lead-to-cash process in Sales Cloud. All trading reviews, commission payments, and sales rewards are visible in dashboards. With easy access to this information, board members can have confidence that the company is heading in the right direction.

Sales Cloud provides greater transparency and integration for sales teams to manage qualified leads, create customer pricing and proposals, and close opportunities. With every lead tracked through 10 clearly defined stages of the pipeline and a single view of the customer, sales reps are more efficient. They can respond to potential customers with in-depth background knowledge and prioritize actions. As a result, Expereo has achieved a 48% increase in its sales pipeline and significant improvement in enterprise deals in the first 18 months since adopting the platform. 

Standardised workflows enable 30% faster service delivery

Expereo has also transformed customer service, with standardized workflows in Service Cloud, powering 30% faster service delivery. When a deal closes, the delivery and installation of equipment and software across customer sites is automatically scheduled through workflows built with Salesforce Flow. 

Handling cases is easier for service reps with Service Cloud. Every service case is automatically routed to the most appropriate team member, thanks to Omnichannel Routing. And with every interaction captured in Salesforce, service agents can provide a faster, better-informed response for customers and manage escalations promptly. These workflow efficiencies have enabled the team to process a 20% increase in case volumes without more resources.

Since implementing the platform, the team resolves 60% within two hours and 20% between two and four hours, well within its SLAs . Thanks to the company’s improved service capabilities, Expereo has experienced a 58% increase in NPS and 25% rise in customer satisfaction.

By replacing manual processes and disparate data with automation and a single digital view across sales and service, Expereo has the insights it needs to support decision-making and continued growth. With Salesforce, Expereo can focus on what’s most important: maximizing customer satisfaction while increasing revenues to accelerate value creation.

“We can only grow if we offer a world-class customer experience - with Salesforce, we can do so efficiently and at scale.”

Ben Elms, Chief Revenue Officer, Expereo

The results:

  • 25% improvement in customer satisfaction
  • double digit growth in enterprise deals
  • 30% faster service delivery

Are you ready to transform your network with Expereo?

We deliver secure, global network connectivity for enterprises wherever you do business, with solutions designed for business needs today and tomorrow, unconstrained by legacy infrastructure. 

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