March 11, 2024
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Fixed Wireless Access from Expereo

Expereo team

Stay connected, wherever your business needs it

In today’s hyper-connected world, ensuring reliable and consistent connectivity in every location is the lifeblood of business.

But depending on the kind of sites you have, maintaining an Internet connection isn’t always guaranteed. For mission-critical sites you need to ensure you have a back-up connection if there is a  network outage, in others wired connections might not be available or easy to deliver yet.

Establishing a Fixed Wireless Access Internet solution guarantees all of your locations can be reliably connected so you can keep your business running smoothly.

Fixed Wireless Access provides:

  • An “always-on” continuity solution with technology diversity to ensure your network is highly available and your sites stay operational.
  • A connection to the strongest signal withour vendor-agnostic SIM cards there are no ties to a single provider and you can be confident you’ll always be connected to the strongest signal available.
  • The freedom to reach locations that fixed lines cannot with flexibility and resilience, even to remote sites.
  • The ability to spin up services and locations as and where required with fast deployment, so you can rapidly capitalize on new growth opportunities.
  • Support across every location with dedicated regional teams of experts to help set up and manage your network.
  • Complete visibility of your entire network health through expereoOne, so you can better manage how your data is being used.

Download our brochure today and plan for the future knowing you have guaranteed business continuity and resilience.

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