Consistent application performance every time, everywhere

The Internet has become highly fragmented and now spans over 100,000 networks. Expereo’s Enhanced Internet service is the only AI-driven solution that continually monitors all networks and predicts the best-performing route for your traffic.

The result is:

Decreased traffic latency across the Internet by up to 85%

Packet loss reduced to 0%

Highly-productive teams

Up to 100% improvement in the consistency and quality of your applications’ performance

Happy customers and employees who have a good user experience of your sites and services

With Expereo’s Enhanced Internet, you are no longer restricted by cloud locations or limited in your choice of cloud-based applications, you can have enhanced connectivity wherever you need it.

What is Enhanced Internet?
How does it work?

Expereo insights

Investments in cloud first and SaaS strategies depend on application performance to realize ROI

The journey to the cloud has become vital to business, and there’s no going back. Many enterprises are investing in cloud and SaaS applications but see inconsistent performance, especially with remote working.

Technology leaders must provide consistent performance across all their locations or the investment won’t see the required return and productivity will be impacted.

In our latest whitepaper, we explore the opportunities made possible by Enhanced Internet. It contains insights and tips to gain the agility and global coverage of the Internet with the application performance of an MPLS or Private Network.

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