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Getting the right tools in place: How to see strong outcomes from your cloud strategy

Expereo team

The rise of remote and hybrid working combined with the globalization of enterprise operations has accelerated cloud adoption and placed cloud strategies at the top of most enterprises' transformation plans. But when it comes to ensuring the success of your cloud strategy, you need to ensure your employees and customers can access and share data and applications hosted across the world. That means the same performance and experience wherever they are and whatever device they are using.

By 2025, 75% of organizations will favor technology partners who can provide a consistent application deployment experience across cloud, edge and dedicated environments.

How many enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy? Why is this?

Cloud computing is not new. Already, 90% of large enterprises have deployed multi-cloud strategies. Typically to ensure greater flexibility and increase the diversity of the solutions available to them. Agility is a clear priority, with more clouds needed to support a broader portfolio of applications and enable repeatable processes to migrate workloads and modernize services.

A key advantage of the cloud is the ability to attract, retain and support talent to work flexibly. But what are the other benefits of establishing a successful, long-term cloud strategy?

The most obvious answer would be the ability to better leverage innovation, enhance security and gain greater control of IT spend. However, there remains a gap between cloud ambition and practical delivery as many cloud projects exceeding budgets or failing outright. Organizations need to consider the whole range of factors at play during transformation, including application performance.

But there is still work to be done. Many businesses have aspirations to operate in the cloud. But they are still in the process of formulating the strategy to get there as 69% of leaders still don’t have a clearly-defined cloud strategy.

How can you use Expereo’s Enhanced Internet to accelerate your cloud strategy?

The resilience of cloud applications in terms of performance and reliability relies hugely on the networks they run on. Without enhanced support from your network you cannot expect high-performing applications.

However, with Expereo’s Enhanced Internet solution your application traffic travels across the best-performing networks in each location. Using the entire Global Internet, our AI software analyzes all available networks and routes traffic to avoid high congestion and other performance-inhibiting factors.

Enhanced Internet protects your cloud transformation strategy with a modern connectivity solution that puts application performance first. Helping you to make return on IT spend and realize the full benefit of your cloud strategy, including:

  • Greater scalability with the ability to flex IT resources and storage up and down in line with demand while avoiding major capital investments.
  • Easier cost management with IT spend based on consumption which increases visibility and predictability of expenditure.
  • Better collaboration with application data that is consistently available to everyone who needs it, wherever they are in the world.
  • Improved responsiveness with the ability to test and deploy new application instances quickly, accelerating time to market for new innovations and applications.

With an Enhanced Internet solution, you can ensure the core application performance required to deliver on your cloud strategy’s priorities. For full details on how it works and the long-term benefits you can expect, read our latest whitepaper.

An important part of success with your cloud applications: Visibility and control

Enhanced Internet represents only one of the solutions to the various situations an enterprise might contend with. In addition, other options, such as Fixed Wireless Access or SD-WAN, can help solve distinct challenges as CIOs will often be responsible for managing a wide mix of different network types.

In this context visibility is absolutely key. It is only when the CIO and their team can get a fully up-to-date picture of all the networks and solutions under management that they can identify performance gaps, unnecessary costs and future cloud opportunities.

With expereoOne, we give our customers a single, unified view of their networks to drive better decisions. Through expereoOne, your IT teams can see the status of services down to site level and track performance metrics as well as orders, bills and invoices.

Greater visibility means greater control. With expereoOne you can maximize the value of solutions, like Enhanced Internet, and continually improve your understanding of your networks.

Want to learn more about how Expereo’s Enhanced Internet could enable your success with the cloud? Then download our latest whitepaper

Whether your priority is visibility, performance or productivity, we bring clarity and insight to your decision-making. A good place to start is our new whitepaper, which details how Enhanced Internet enables you to move your business beyond the limitations of legacy internet systems. 

Alternatively, if you’re ready to build the resilient, intelligent network foundation to drive productivity across every part of your business, locations and users, get in touch today.

Our expert team is always on hand to discuss your connectivity challenges. No matter what your current network setup looks like, we’ll put you on the path to strategic success.


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