In recent years, the landscape of enterprise technology has undergone a seismic shift. From disruptive forces to global pressures, technology leaders worldwide have faced unprecedented challenges, compelling them to innovate like never before. The magnitude of this transformation is unparalleled, reminiscent of a bygone era, igniting a renewed sense of urgency and resiliency.

Enterprise Horizons is a research report that deep dives into what enterprise leaders think about the latest tech trends, what’s keeping them awake at night, and how they’re navigating through uncertainty to seize opportunities to accelerate growth for their organizations.


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Our report tells us what enterprise leaders are thinking when it comes to key investments for the future. The findings shed light on the distinctive approaches and strategies adopted by these businesses, revealing the secrets to their remarkable achievements.

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In an era where customer expectations and technological advancements are constantly evolving, staying ahead, and keeping up with emerging trends has become a daunting task for businesses. However, amidst these challenges, a select few companies have not only managed to survive but thrive.

Intrigued by their success, we embarked on a comprehensive research endeavor across Asia, Europe, and North America to find out what enterprise leaders think about the latest tech trends and how they’re accelerating growth for their organizations.

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Current Trends: Optimism about growth

CIOs are increasing investments to expand and improve their business.

Thriving businesses understand the value of their network – it’s the central nervous system of the entire enterprise, enabling operational efficiency today whilst simultaneously underpinning future growth plans.

Post-pandemic optimism remains higher than worries over global uncertainty.


The internet everywhere era is here.

  • All CIOs agree when it comes to the ideal enterprise network, it must be robust, flexible, high- performing, scalable and easy to use.
  • Given the increase in hybrid working, the ability to change the dynamics of the network to meet diverse connectivity needs at a moment’s notice is vital.
  • Having the board’s support for investing in IP connectivity is a critical requirement to be able to deliver on global plans. CIOs must be able to articulate the enterprise-wide benefits of a powerful, flexible enterprise network.

The race for skilled employees

  • The competition for talent is real. There are few skilled experts for key new technologies, and they are in high demand.
  • Given the increase in hybrid working, the ability to change the dynamics of the network to meet diverse connectivity needs at a moment’s notice is vital.
  • CIOs are using internal upskilling for critical needs and forging new partnerships to help take care of other ICT (Information and Communication Technology) tasks.
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine-learning tools can play a significan’t role in your workforce strategy, but it’s critical to remain human-centred.

The competition for talent is real

49% of businesses are challenged finding cybersecurity experts

41% have trouble finding AI/ML experts.

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Workforce reductions not limiting growth prospects

More than 90% of CIOs in businesses with 500 or more workers predict stability or expansion, running counter to workforce reductions in the world’s biggest technology companies.

Expand your horizon.

The world’s leading CIOs have an eye on the future today.

They are already progressing with their network and connectivity plans, transforming the business into a future-ready, data-driven, adaptive, modern enterprise.

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