April 17, 2024
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Always-on connectivity with Fixed Wireless Access by Expereo

London, 17th April 2024 – Expereo, the Intelligent Internet company that connects people, places and things anywhere, has today announced the enhancement of their connectivity portfolio with Fixed Wireless Access. This latest innovation from Expereo equips businesses with direct access to wireless networks across 190 countries, enabling business continuity through network resilience, and growth through fast and agile deployment and access in remote locations.

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) is a cost-efficient reliable alternative for business continuity in the event of fixed line network outages. These can happen from time to time, often through cables being cut, or hardware or software failures. For those business-critical sites that cannot afford any downtime, Fixed Wireless Access provides a technology diverse, cost effective, reliable continuity option, avoiding the need to deploy a second fixed line. With a  vendor-agnostic solution, businesses can be confident they will always connect to the strongest possible mobile network when they need to.

Fixed Wireless Access is also perfect for fast, agile deployments often being installed within weeks rather than months, enabling businesses to rapidly connect their operations to capitalize on new growth opportunities while waiting for fixed line deployments.  Additionally Fixed Wireless Access can be used as a primary connectivity option in areas that are temporary, hard to reach or remote. This enables growing businesses to establish branch offices or field locations in hard-to-reach areas where wired connections are not available or even possible.

A key differential is the integration of Fixed Wireless Access into Expereo’s customer experience platform, expereoOne, offering businesses a complete, intuitive view of their Global Internet and SD-WAN estate. For Fixed Wireless Access, this means that IT Teams have complete visibility of their monthly invoices and an up-to-date status of all data pools and bundles, as well as signal strength, signal quality and the carriers providing the connectivity.  A complete view whenever they need it.

Sander Barens, Chief Product Officer at Expereo, comments:

“Today, always on internet connectivity is essential for business growth and efficiency.

One size does not fit all, and enterprise businesses need to deploy a connectivity strategy to meet today’s challenges. Fixed access will always be the driving force of connectivity, but it’s not always the best solution. When you need to be up and running quickly or in a remote location, that is when Fixed Wireless Access comes into play - fast deployments wherever you need it.

Connectivity solutions no longer need to be either/or, when you work with a partner who understands your connectivity needs and has the portfolio, experience and global coverage to help you set the strategy for your business you can rest easy that your business will be connected 24/7 around the globe.”   

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