April 10, 2024
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Expereo Announces Ben Elms as Chief Executive Officer; Irwin Fouwels becomes Executive Chairman

Amsterdam — 10th April 2024 – Expereo, the world leading global intelligent internet company that connects people, places and things anywhere today announces the appointment of Ben Elms as Chief Executive Officer and Irwin Fouwels as Executive Chairman, effective May 1st, 2024.

This strategic move is part of Expereo's commitment to driving sustained growth and building on its legacy of innovation and global customer success. With their combined experience in the telecommunications and technology sectors, Elms and Fouwels bring a wealth of expertise and leadership to their new roles within the business. 

As CEO, Ben Elms will be responsible for driving the company's strategic vision, enhancing operational efficiency, and fostering innovation to meet the evolving needs of Expereo's global customer base. He brings over 25 years of relevant experience having held key executive roles at prominent firms and prior to joining Expereo as the CEO of Vodafone Global Enterprise Business, serving its multinational customers around the world.

Since joining in 2022 as Chief Revenue Officer, Elms has successfully led transformative initiatives such as expereoOne Expereo’s digital customer experience platform and driven its direct enterprise go-to-market strategy. This has positioned Expereo as a recognized global leader in delivering unique transformative customer value through its global enterprise network and cloud access solutions.   In the first quarter of this year, Expereo launched its Enhanced Internet proposition, optimizing global cloud application performance through a proprietary AI-driven routing optimization platform.  Leveraging Elms’ strong background in IoT and mobility, Expereo also added enterprise grade Fixed Wireless Access and Low Orbit Satellite solutions to its wide array of managed global connectivity solutions.  

Elms commented; "I am honoured to lead Expereo during this exciting next phase of growth and innovation. Expereo has established itself as a global leader in internet-based connectivity solutions, and I look forward to working closely with the talented team to drive further success and deliver unparalleled value to our direct enterprise and wholesale customers. We have a strong foundation and a reputation for excellence in the industry. I am thrilled to lead the company with Irwin’s support as Executive Chairman. With the entire team we will capitalize on new opportunities, further expand our market presence, and drive continued innovation including driven by increased adoption of AI and the opportunities that creates for Expereo – “faster to the future”." 

Fouwels, assuming the role of Executive Chairman brings a strategic mindset and a passion for innovation which has contributed to Expereo’s success. As Expereo CEO over the last decade, he has transformed and scaled Expereo to the world leading global intelligent internet company delivering unparalleled internet performance, led the company through multiple investor rounds and a series of acquisitions whilst delivering strong financial performance and investor returns. 

Fouwels commented; “It is a privilege working with the global Expereo team and its investment partners over the last decade delivering unique value to our customers in a dynamic technology and telecoms market. We have been pivotal in transforming the way global enterprises architect global connectivity and application performance, leveraging the agility of the internet, whilst making it enterprise grade in terms of performance and security. And this anywhere on the globe, through any access technology.

Over the last two years Ben as CRO has been invaluable in accelerating our growth path, strengthening our go to market in direct enterprise whilst ensuring scalability throughout the organization, driving further automation, transformation and building global recognition of the Expereo brand and notably transforming expereoOne to a unique digital customer experience and platform.   expereoOne turns the fragmented global internet landscape into a unique one-touch customer experience and has grown significantly with the addition of a large number of globally recognised large multinational enterprise customers.  Ben has also brought in exceptional talent, strengthening the team as a foundation for further growth and solid financial performance.  I am very much looking forward to working alongside Ben providing strategic guidance and supporting Expereo's leadership team”.

With Elms’ and Fouwels’ combined leadership, industry knowledge and track record of success they are confident in accelerating Expereo’s growth trajectory, and in delivering exceptional value to their customers and partners.


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